Basic Instructions for Beginning Crochet

Basic Instructions for Beginning Crochet

Crochet is a popular craft around the world. For thousands of years, people have used the art of crochet to create lace and fabrics to use on their garments and to sell to others. Crocheted items were a sign of wealth and prestige.

With the age of the industrial revolution came the mass production of crocheted materials and fabrics, making owning them affordable for anyone, not just the wealthy. As such, crocheted garments became more and more popular worldwide.

These days, crochet is the hobby and craft of many people. There are lots of different arts and crafts as well as, clothing, garments and household items that can be created by means of crochet. Crochet is so easy to learn; practically anyone can do it, making it easy to learn a new skill. Advances in yarn and fiber making technology have provided new and interesting materials for crochet and other needle crafts.

So, since you’re obviously interested in what it takes to start crocheting as a hobby, here are some basic initial steps to help you get going with learning to crochet.

Get Your Supplies Together. You’ll simply need a crochet hook, yarn, a pair of scissors and a large eye needle.

Properly Holding the Crochet Hook. Hold your needle in whichever hand you use to write with. Create a simple slip knot and put it over the end of the hook.

Start Making a Continuous Stitch. Hook the yarn and bring it to the top of the hook and pull through the slip knot. Continue making this chain.

Work Your Way Up the Chain. Move up the chain allowing the first chain stitch to knot on the hook. This allows the yarn to stay in place and not loosen. It is generally a good idea to make this first knot tight rather than loose.

Make Two Loops. Insert your crochet hook into the hole of the next chain stitch and slide the passing yarn through its center.

Bring the Yarn Back. Bring your yarn back on the hook from back to front and slide your knot in the center of the loops which you have already created on the crochet hook.

Make Some Rows. From your second yarn loop, make another single chain stitch and make a counter-clockwise loop. Start again and create the same loops as the previous stitches. Continue this basic crochet technique until you have a swatch of fabric. Once you have completed a swatch of fabric, it is time to remove it from your ball of yarn. Cut it with about a 6″ tail left at the end.

Fasten to Prevent Unraveling. Bring your tail of yarn back through the last stitch to fasten it and then cut the excess.

By using these easy tips and steps, you can achieve your goal of learning to crochet with ease. You’ll be able to start and complete your first crochet project and feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Just as with any new skill, you’ll need to find the proper supplies, materials and instruction before you begin, but with time and patience you’ll become skilled at the art of crochet.

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Q&A: How long does it take to learn basic crochet skills?

Question by Limelive: How long does it take to learn basic crochet skills?
I want to learn how to crochet a cupcake and some other cute things. On average, how long do you think it takes to crochet a simple 3″ disk? I have seen photos in blogs that make many crochet figures and they’re really cute but seem really hard to make. Any tips on crocheting also?
Does anyone recommend a website that you can learn it for free and simple? Thanks for the answers! ;P

Best answer:

Answer by jacqueline
It doesn’t take long to learn the basics. Go to Wal-mart or your local craft store and there are several “starter kits” or books with pictures to guide you. Learning how to do it well just takes practice.

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