Q&A: How long does it take to learn basic crochet skills?

Question by Limelive: How long does it take to learn basic crochet skills?
I want to learn how to crochet a cupcake and some other cute things. On average, how long do you think it takes to crochet a simple 3″ disk? I have seen photos in blogs that make many crochet figures and they’re really cute but seem really hard to make. Any tips on crocheting also?
Does anyone recommend a website that you can learn it for free and simple? Thanks for the answers! ;P

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Answer by jacqueline
It doesn’t take long to learn the basics. Go to Wal-mart or your local craft store and there are several “starter kits” or books with pictures to guide you. Learning how to do it well just takes practice.

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5 thoughts on “Q&A: How long does it take to learn basic crochet skills?”

  1. This is a skill that if taught properly does not very long to learn at all. The basic simple steps to crocheting is not difficult it just takes a little practice. Have fun with it.

  2. it took me about two days to learn how to do it but i still have problems with makeing the back look completely neat. its a soothing hobby to me.

  3. Check out CrochetCabana.com it will teach you in plain simple english. Crochet doesn’t tak long to learn if you really wnat to learn it, my 13 year old son picked up the chain and single srochet in an afternoon, but hasn’t tried the double crochet yet (i believe that is because we fixed the playstation) and my 5 year old daughter picked up the chain stitch in an evening but since she has a tension issue it is taking her longer than she wants it too.

  4. It doesn’t take long AT ALL! You just need yarn I recommend Worsted Weight yarn Number 4. The labels say it. And a hook Probably an I hook. That is what I learned with. Larger so you see your work better. Oh and make sure you start with a color yarn like Medium pink, green or a blue. Not too dark. I love the yarn at hobby lobby called “I Love that Yarn” But Red Heart from Wal Mart is just as easy to work with.
    Also I used http://www.nexstitch.com and http://www.youtube.com/tjw1963
    both have great videos the nexstitch you can download.
    Both are great. Start with Nexstitch and then youtube.
    Oh yeah regular crochet NOT tunisian crochet.
    If you have anymore questions I’ll be delighted to help.

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