Where can I sell my hand made crochet items?

My mother-in-law and I really love to crochet – and we’re good. We usually make baby blankets, adult scarves and wedding gift blankets. We want to try to find out what festival, fairs, etc are coming up maybe in 6-8 months and get a table.

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13 thoughts on “Where can I sell my hand made crochet items?”

  1. Watch your local paper. It should tell you what’s coming soon. Ours does, at least. You picked a good time, with the holiday season coming upon us. Good luck.

  2. e-bay, craft faires, and sometimes local businesses will buy from local artists, depending on what kind of community you live in.

  3. Yeah, fairs and bazzars and craft sales of all kinds should be coming up for the holiday season. That would’ve been my idea, but you said it first! Look for flyers in recreation centres, as well as the papers and such. Or perhaps your church.
    Good Luck!

  4. You can sell your stuff on Etsy.com. Its a place that was created for people to buy and sell handmade stuff. Check it out, it’s pretty cool.

  5. I would have to say EBAY,,, and all the places you mentioned,, also if you want to really sell them,, dazzel up your packaging for them,,, put them in pretty boxes with tissue paper and hang up the ones that you like the best,, adverstise them in other words… You know yourself when your buying a gift,, you gotta like the way its all wrapped up and pretty! So far your doing right,, but if you’d like put an ad in the newspaper,, in stores HOMEADE CROCKET APHAGANS! all kinds and all types from full to babys! and remember whatever money u have in them u tripel the price,, that makes up for the time and expertiese you and your momma in law have into them,, so if your spend 20.00 on materials,, then sell them for 50.00! big ones,, go for alot more! And people love em,,, I’d buy one but i crochet myself !! good luck!! hope this helps! x0x0x0x

  6. eBay and other online markets are good. Yahoo auctions is still around, and unlike ebay it’s FREE to list items there.

    You could also open an eBay store ($15/month) and list your items there. Ebay store items stay open/active much longer than regular auctions, usually for 60-90 days, and the fees to list store items are much cheaper than regular auctions. Then you could take out a nice ad in your local news paper for a week or two (or more) and include some pictures of your craft work and the direct link to your eBay store. Just pick a neat/catchy name for your store and it will look like this:


    For an example of how your store would look, visit this user’s store: http://stores.ebay.com/crafts-n-stuff

    The stores are relatively easy to set up, they provide the templates and tools you need so all you have to do is type in a quick description of your store up top and they take care of the rest!

    Good luck!

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