When making a crochet blanket, will it hurt to stop a little short?

I’ve only been doing crochet for about 2 weeks. I’m following a pattern for a baby blanket and it tells me to make 84 rows for my strips. However I stopped at 64 because the strips already reach my chest from the floor. Will this mess up the pattern?

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4 thoughts on “When making a crochet blanket, will it hurt to stop a little short?”

  1. It will be smaller but that’s probably the only thing. If you don’t mind it being that size, you can stop at 64 rows. Measure the rows and compare them to the gauge. Then figure out how much bigger the pattern makes it. If it’s too small, it won’t be useful very long. Babies grow pretty fast.

  2. That’s the great thing about making afghans, you can make them as long or short as you want so long as the pattern (strips etc) are even. If you are happy with how it looks end off. Advice for making it super soft, wash on cold & dry or low and put extra fabric softener in the first time it is washed, I aways put 2.5 times normal. It locks it in and really makes it soft.

  3. Baby blankets are made around 40 inches in length. What I would advise you to do if you are working a pattern would be to stop at the point where your instructions end and you have to repeat it to make the blanket. In other words if you make a chain XX long and the next row starts the pattern and changes every row for XX amounts of rows that is where you end the blanket. It will not hurt to make it shorter or if it’s too long they may not be able to find the baby in it. :~) Hope this will help you or if you need further help email me.

  4. Sounds like your baby blanket is already plenty big. That’s one nice thing about crochet, you can make something as large or small as you want. If you are happy with it, I say stop.

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