2 thoughts on “what size crochet hook do I use for crocheting names?”

  1. The label on your yarn or thread should give the correct size hook to use. If you have some time, experiment with different hooks. I’m not quite sure how you are using it-in a blanket or a doily.
    As for the borders, lionbrand.com has some. You need to register to access the info, but its free. I didnt check, but maybe they could answer your first question. Good luck and have fun!!

  2. The best thread is size 10 sometimes referred to as bedspread weight. Usually a size 6 or 7 hook. The best way to search for patterns would be filet crochet.

    I didn’t run across any particular borders worked in filet, but once the piece is done. You can work any type of border around it.


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