The BagSmith – Big Stitch Tunisian Crochet Rug

Big Stitch Tunisian Crochet Rug by Becca Smith. Using Big Stitch Alpaca Yarn and a size U Tunisian hook, Becca demonstrates a wonderful rug featuring 3 Tunisian stitches.

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19 thoughts on “The BagSmith – Big Stitch Tunisian Crochet Rug”

  1. This is AWESOME! I first saw this on the show & it’s awesome to find it on youtube, added to faves for sure! Thank you!!! ♥

  2. @RubyRosie1958 Becca Smith has her own website that you can go under to order the thick yarn and needle. go under “the bagSmith-Becca Smith” you should be able to see it . Click on it. The needles are handcrafted, and the yarns are to die for. GOOD LUCK. I hope this help you.

  3. I really wish she hadn’t cut her off before she got to the end of the row, because I wouldn’t have loved to see how she did it when she got to the end of the row because I have a bit of difficulty with it.

  4. That hook and that yarn are huge. It’s definitely a nice way to see exactly where everything needs to go on the yarn.

  5. @witegator it doesn’t look like anyone got a response on the hooks. The lady sells them on her website, They are about $60. I think I may try to make one from a wooden dowel.

  6. Amazing! I hate to think of what the yarn would cost!! Wonder if a person could make the rugs from a soft rope? Hmmm…..then I would just have to fine the hook! Lol!!

  7. I live in Italy and it took me forever just to find a thin tunisian hook… i can’t even imagine looking for one of those fat hooks.

  8. That is some neat yarn. Instead of measuring wraps per inch, bet you have to measure that yarn in wraps per feet!

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