12 thoughts on “The Art of Crochet by Teresa – Radiant Crochet Butterfly”

  1. Can I just make a crocheted stem that I can substitute for the one that u used? I saw someone posted a granny square w/ butterflies on every other square, can we use this pattern to make that particular granny square?

  2. Hola Teresa, me gustan mucho tus videos, aunque no se ingles, veo el modo de hacerlo. Queria sugerirte si es posible ponerle subtitulos en español?. Gracias por tu atencion. Kisses.

  3. OMgosh HOW cute is that!! thank you so much for your videos!!! i too am still working on the heart!! but this is perfect for spring! and with the flower right after this…cute combo!

  4. Thank you ever so much for all these videos, Teresa!!! I’m still working on the puffed hearts, but I can’t wait to start this project–so cute! Happy Weekend!

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