The Art of Crochet by Teresa – Crochet Hat with Brim

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25 thoughts on “The Art of Crochet by Teresa – Crochet Hat with Brim”

  1. @tjw1963 Thank you, I am still having troubles though with increasing!! I’m not sure how to do this whole thing though… I’m trying to make it like an amigurumi ball except way bigger and no decreases so it’s a hat but I’m having troubles because apparently I’m supposed to start increasing when it’s the size of my head but I don’t know how big that is supposed to be.

  2. @CinnaZilla The time it takes to make the cap will depend on your crochet experience and speed. I can make it in about an hour. If your cap is folding up it sounds as though you may be missing some increase stitches and/or rounds.

  3. Can someone please tell me how quickly you can make this hat, and I have a problem too! My hat keeps becoming all crunched and folded up like a flower, why??

  4. @JamieXRainbowz I sent you the beginner playlist so you can learn the crochet stitches before trying this project. The video players have rewind and pause.

  5. I finished the hat. I really like the look of working between the stitches.. Could not get the brim right but hat looks great without it as well.. Will try again with the brim Thanks soooo much

  6. If I want to make this hat for a baby, how do I make a smaller version of this hat? I’m pretty new to crochet.

  7. If I want to make this hat for a baby, how do I make a smaller version of this hat? I’m pretty new to crochet.

  8. last ppost meant to ask should it be 2 half double crotchet at end or 1 hdbl crotchet at end of row.? I figured it out I think. I made the hat I love the half double crotchet in between stitch. Looks great my only problem is every hat I make comes out too big. I made a hat using a h needle and a f needle came out same size.. I dont know what or how to fix this? can you please help. Lv this hat now if i can make it fit a norm head.. txs for all ur help

  9. @tjw1963 or use a smaller needle. Possibly an “F” size. Great thing you are doing with the babies, @lightningstrikes01… Peace out homies….

  10. Thank you, Thank you!!!! I love your work I am just now learning how to crochet and I haven’t been able to find any videos that explain it as well as you! I am still working on my hat but I have never had one this close to done!! I’m so very excited! Now I am going to watch your video on how to crochet a toddler hat!! Again Thank You!

  11. @natasjja99 The stitch used with this project is the half double crochet. The link to the written instructions is posted in the video details below the video.

  12. been trying to make this for a while when you get to end of row should it be 2 double crotchet as last stitches or 2 singe crotches

  13. i have a question
    I was doing this pattern along and i didn’t notice that i was doing sc’s in round 7-20 until i got to round 13, instead of doing hdc, will that effect the look of the hat in anyway?

  14. @jimweng007 Sounds like you have your work cut out for you. Please share your images on my Facebook page when you are finished.

  15. i like this site.i have already made several hats for my my friends are also asking me to make them one.thank you for the videos…

  16. @lightningstrikes01 I do have 3 smaller size caps posted. For this one, you would modify through trial and error in working less increase rounds and stitches.

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