Teach Yourself Visually Crocheting (Teach Yourself Visually)

Teach Yourself Visually Crocheting (Teach Yourself Visually)

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This highly VISUAL guide makes it easier than ever to get hooked on crocheting The approximately 30 million crocheters in the U.S. make crocheting one of today’s hottest hobbies. This VISUAL guide makes it easy to pick up a hook and a ball of yarn and get stitching, with clear, step-by-step presentations of techniques accompanied by detailed color photos that show readers exactly what to do. The book’s more than 20 patterns–everything from blankets to mittens to a man’s necktie–

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5 thoughts on “Teach Yourself Visually Crocheting (Teach Yourself Visually)”

  1. Review by kaimarie for Teach Yourself Visually Crocheting (Teach Yourself Visually)
    I was searching for a new hobby when I came across this book. I’d never picked up a crochet hook in my life, nor had I had any prior experience with the craft. I bought my yarn and a few hooks, sat down with this book, and within a few minutes had begun to learn the stitches, now… after only two weeks of learning from this book (although I think a person could sit down and learn the basic stitches in a couple of hours) I have begun my first project. My work looks very nice, I am comfortable with the stitches and methods I have learned and practiced through this book and I know that once I learn all of the methods in this book I’ll be ready to tackle just about any project or pattern I come across. The pictures help a lot, and with each “lesson” a picture of a completed rectangle using the stitch you are learning, it is easy to compare your work and make sure you are doing the stitch right.

    I have reccommended this book to anyone I know that is looking to learn to crochet!

    It has some very nice patterns in it, it walks you through so many different stitches with pictures of all of them and at the end they have projects you can practice with. This book is easy to follow, comprehensive, and perfect for a beginner like me.

  2. Review by Amy O’Neill Houck for Teach Yourself Visually Crocheting (Teach Yourself Visually)
    This probably would be the one to get–it has the most comprehensive and easy to understand instructions of any guide I’ve seen. As a crochet teacher, I’ve watched students struggle with trying to reproduce what they see in the line drawings that are used in most instruction books. TYVC uses photographs which are well done and easy to follow and understand. Pretty much every aspect of crochet is discussed and cool patterns highlight the techniques your teaching yourself–I especially like the spiderwoman belt and the tunisian crochet tie.

  3. Review by Babs54 for Teach Yourself Visually Crocheting (Teach Yourself Visually)
    I’m a beginner crocheter and this book is one of the easier books to learn crocheting from. The instructions are easy to following. I like the pictures because they are easy to see the actual stitches and how they are suppose to look like. This book also includes patterns that I haven’t seen in any other crochet book.

  4. Review by M. K. Carroll for Teach Yourself Visually Crocheting (Teach Yourself Visually)
    I learned to crochet as a child and was perfectly content to make blobby pieces of fabric to wrap around my dolls as avant-garde fashion. Later, as a teen, I wanted to learn more, and went through every book I could find in the public library and in the used bookstores. From multiple sources, I managed to learn what I wanted to learn.

    This is the book I wished I could find back then, and the book I wished I had when I taught others to crochet. The step-by-step photos are nice and clear, the writing is uncomplicated, and all the basics are covered quickly in just two pages (no flipping back and forth in the book). When people tell me they want to learn to crochet, this is the book I recommend first. For so many people, it’s much easier to learn visually!

    In addition to the instructions, the patterns include the basics and are arranged so that you know what skills you need to make the finished item (the chapter on rectangles and what you can make with them is great!).

    So why only 4 stars? It’s a quibble that’s not with the contents but with the binding. Getting the book to lay flat when open involves things like getting someone else to hold the book, weighing down pages and trying not to block out text or photos, or breaking the spine. While you can take the book to a print shop and have them do a spiral binding for you, it would be even nicer to be able to buy the book that way.

    [full disclosure: my work has been published in Crochet me, the online magazine that is edited by Kim Werker. She has no idea that I’m writing this review. The only compensation I get for this is knowing that it’s going to be easier for people to learn a craft that I love.]

  5. Review by A. Designer for Teach Yourself Visually Crocheting (Teach Yourself Visually)
    Part of the reason I bought this book was to learn some new crochet stitches; the problem is, the book is not as visual as it promises to be. Some pictures are left out at crucial points that leave the crocheter with nothing but a description of how to complete a stitch or continue subsequent rows. I had hoped to avoid such things with this book. I have learned some new stitches, but I expected to be able to master all the stitches in this book with its visual training technique.

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