Mothers Day Project That Can Go Wrong- What You Should Really Be Doing For Your Mom This Year

Some mothers day gifts can go horribly wrong if you’re a first timer. You may be compelled to try a lot of things to surprise your mom like knitting, cooking, crafting and even cleaning but mothers day just isn’t a time to break into your creative side, its something that requires some practice and a three week notice.

I’ve tried to complete three major projects for my mom’s mothers day gift and they were embarrassing disasters to say the least and I think it’s only fair that people learn from my mistakes.

Project one; Disaster one:  Knitting a sweater for mom

I actually found this filed under Christmas gifts for mom somewhere and decided to give it a go. I downloaded a patter from some place that involved crocheting and set to work. The problem; May is not a good time to knit something for mom and crocheting is serious business, as is knowing that there’s such a thing as a crocheting needle. My mom was nice enough to not laugh as soon as she saw it. I thought that apparel would be a good idea but it bombed as bad as Hiroshima. Knitting is out of the question unless you have at least three or four beautifully sweaters that are fit to be worn in public, you do not want to make any kind of apparel for your mom. Personally I’m against buying clothes for mom on mothers day and I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone. When we purchase apparel for our moms, we rarely see them as anything other than moms and are likely to buy them comfy oversized clothing which fails to say ‘Happy Mothers day’ in its truest spirit. And there’s also the risk of getting her the wrong size. I’ve never tried to buy my mom apparel because she has her own unique taste.

Project Two; Disaster Two: Remodeling the kitchen

My husband had suggested that we both buy mothers day gift baskets for our moms ( my mom and my Mother-in-law) but I decided it would be better to pitch in with my brother and help remodel the kitchen. It turned out that my brother was only going to finance it and my husband and I ended up doing the actual remodeling. Mom couldn’t use the kitchen for an entire month and we had to call in a professional plumber to fix the many leaks. My mother-in-law was perfectly happy and content with the mothers day gift baskets that my husband and my sister and law had sent her. Home remodeling is too much of an extended project to complete in a tight time frame; you can’t surprise anyone with a gift like that and you need to have a certain degree of expertise to pull it off.

Project three; Disaster Three: listening to your husband and buying her a tech gift

My husband insisted that since my last idea for a mother’s day gift had bombed, we go with his idea this time. I had to agree since his mom had loved the mothers day gift baskets she’d received. It was scientific proof that my husband could pick out good mother’s day gifts. He suggested we get her a pair of light up slippers because she gets up in the middle of night for a drink of water and often bumps into things because it’s dark. It was absolutely crazy but he had the website suggesting it in front of me so I went along with it. Mom took one look at it and said it matched the squeaking light-up shoes she’d bought me for my third birthday. Mom hated it! Tech items are not good mother’s day gifts no matter what you do.

I’ve found a better way to making mom happy on mother, ‘consistency’. I alternate with mothers day gift baskets and fruit bouquets for mothers day and she always loves them. The moral is, don’t go knitting a sweater or building a kitchen for your mom if you haven’t done it before! Buy a simple mother’s day gift for your mom that she can enjoy. When I get her a food themed gift like the fruit bouquets, although she’ll eat it and be done with, she’ll enjoy it. There won’t be a lasting souvenir to make that day memorable but it’ll still be really enjoyable and that’s the point.

If you’re looking for something unique to give your mom this mothers day try fruit bouquets; mothers day gift baskets made of fruit sculptures. they’re the perfect mothers day gift for your mom, wife, daughter, grandma or godmother

What kind of yarn should I use to knit or crochet a swimsuit?

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