Left Hand How to make the Foundation Double Crochet

This tutorial will show how to make the foundation double crochet also known as chainless crochet. For additional patterns and techniques, please visit my crochet blog. Crochet Patterns crochet-mania.blogspot.com Crochet Tips crochet-mania-tips.blogspot.com Crochet Hats crochet-mania-hats.blogspot.com Granny Squares crochet-mania-grannysquare.blogspot.com Crochet Flowers crochet-mania-flowers.blogspot.com Single Crochet www.youtube.com Half Double Crochet www.youtube.com Double Crochet www.youtube.com Crochet Chain www.youtube.com Crochet Slip Knot www.youtube.com The Art of Crochet by Teresa www.youtube.com