Single Crochet Stitch

Instructional video for the single crochet stitch
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50 thoughts on “Single Crochet Stitch”

  1. Thank you for this video!
    I was sent a link to this since i have always been confused between the single crochet and double crochet – and this confirms that the stiches i have learnt are one and the same.
    It clarifies that the double crochet and the single crochet are one and the same!
    The first books i learnt from label your ‘double crochet’ as a treble stitch – hence my confusion when i start using books that have single & half double stitches in them when i know them as double & half-treble!

  2. @starletshuffle – You probably just need to practice and even out your tension. You also might want to try a bigger hook with a DK weight yarn.

  3. Is it better to learn to crochet with a bigger hook and thicker yarn? I am using a 5.5mm hook and plain ol’ DK yarn. I get the concept but my crochet looks like a mess πŸ™

  4. Im having such a hard time fitting the needle into the two stitches once I get to the 3rd row. I keep trying to knit loosely but its not working. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  5. Thank you πŸ™‚ I knew how to crochet in the round with a single stitch but never off a chain going in rows, this was really helpful!

  6. Thank you for demonstrating. You make it looks so easy. Whenever I do it, the first row of stitches always ends up being much tinier than my cast on chain and ends up curling up no matter how much I try to make them bigger. πŸ˜›

  7. wow what i have been trying to figure out for years – you showed me in a few minutes… thank you….

  8. Very good. Excellent choice of background color, yarn color, hook color. The contrast makes everything easy to see.

  9. does it matter which way you turn it when you reach the end of the row? clockwise or counter clockwise?

  10. The light bulb has finally turned on! You are really, really good – thank you for posting this for us!

  11. thank you so much. i’ve been trying to learn with an instructional book, but this was so much easier to understand.

  12. i can already knit crochet embroider sew and i have already made myself a sweater and i am only in elementary

  13. im a beginner and soon ill be makin and directing some classes but always need to be patient

  14. @missmorgan04 I never took a class. My mom helped me with some of the basic stitches. I learned the rest on my own from a wide range of books and magazines.

  15. Wow! You are really good! How’d you get so good at this? Did you take a class? Mom? Do tell. lol

  16. I have been crocheting from the age of 10 now 24 I can make scaves, blankets, and poncho’s
    I have always wanted to make hats thank you so much

  17. @tjw1963 Thank you, Teresa. I’ll do that. I’m making them in the school colors of the high school where I substitute and giving one to the athletics director and making a separate one for a raffle drawing to benefit one of the football players who was injured in a car accident.

  18. @brigidmoon You may have to many increase stitches somewhere. The written instructions are posted on my crochet blog. The link is in the video details below the video. You can double check the stitch count to each round to see what has possibly gone wrong.

  19. @tjw1963 Yes, it keeps getting larger until I go to the rounds 10-24ish single crochet in each previous single crochet. Then it starts forming the sides of the hat, but still with the horrible ruffle.

  20. This is a great pattern but i have a tiny problem. After about round 3 it starts to do this wavy thing and going on, like you suggested in another video, does not straighten it out. It makes it worse. I’ve already made one hat that’s perfect, but my second attempt is going bad. I’ve had to rip out a near complete hat twice. 6 hours wasted. Help!

  21. Thank you so much for this video. I only know one stitch of crochet, but I have been crocheting for almost 9 years now. To this point I can make blankets, scarves and hats that are drawn at the top and sewn by yarn needle in the seems. I have always wanted to make a smooth top beanie. Your instruction was very clear and I can’t wait to make a real beanie. You are awesome, thanks again, Jenny

  22. U really make wonderfull stuff just i dont see what exacclyt u do especially on start its 2 fast…Anyway nice works

  23. hi! ok, first thankyu so much for posting this vid! =)
    and second i am SO lost! ive done the first 8 rounds 3x now and it keeps curling too early and it looks like a cone! so im going to end up with a point on my head, which i dont want XD for the life of me, i cant get it to look like yours! >.> this is my 3rd time and i decided to just keep going and see where it takes me but im on my 13th round and i know there is no way its going to look right. do you know what i might be doing wrong??

  24. Your videos are great. I am not able to understand with out watching someone do it and being able to pause the video! So thanks πŸ™‚ Round 2, Im not getting 20 stitches. I don’t know what I’mn doing wrong. I’m getting like 10 or so.

  25. Your videos are great. I am not able to understand with out watching someone do it and being able to pause the video! So thanks πŸ™‚ Round 2, Im not getting 20 stitches. I don’t know what I’mn doing wrong. I’m getting like 10 or so.

  26. @yotcral66 i couldnt do it either i got to where she said to pull tight but all it did was knot up i am so frustrated lol

  27. im really trying to do this magic loop thing but everytime i go to pull it tight it just knots up doesnt really do anything what am i doing wrong?

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