Shawls and Wraps… How to Pick the Perfect Fashion Accessory!

You can use your shoes, shawl, wraps, jewelry, or belts with different ensembles after you get some new ideas. Most of the clothing products for women can be replaced with other pieces to create multiple styles. So you might wear one skirt with several different shirts or one shirt with two different skirts. Then switch around your accessories to match. Make sure your shawl and wraps complements your clothing’s neckline.

Shawls and wraps. A shawl is piece of fabric typically draped over the upper body, the shoulders or the head. It can be made from different types of fabric such as cotton, silk, lace or the softest wool. These also vary in shape, including square, rectangular and triangular. The practical use of a shawl is mainly to protect the wearer from cold by adding a layer of warmth to a person’s clothing.

So, these accessories are ideal for the fall and winter months. In some countries, these are used for religious purposes, particularly, to cover the face and head during rites, prayers and ceremonies. In addition to its practical usage, more and more fashionable women are wearing shawls as a fashion accessory.

If you’re meaning to start a shawl collection, it would be good for you to know some popular types such as silk shawls. These were originally sourced from China but they became so popular, they were eventually produced in other parts of the world. What many people love about this type is the softness of silk and the way it flows elegantly. Whether you choose a plain or printed silk shawl, the richness of silk will make your outfit look classy. They are ideal to wear to business meetings and whenever you want create a smart, sophisticated look.

Another pretty type is a crochet shawl, which is made from different kinds of yarn using a variety of crochet techniques. Wearing a crochet shawl gives you an air of grace. It can be worn over a dressy outfit but at the same time you can also wear it with something casual for a chic vintage look.
For special events that require dressing up your best, put on a high quality pashmina shawl. This type is hand-woven and made of very fine and very soft fiber. Nothing beats the softness and luxury of pashmina so this will complete your stunning look.

When buying a shawl, consider where and when you will use including what you plan to pair it with so you can choose which one has the appropriate material, size and shape that will meet your needs. For instance, a triangular shawl is usually used to drape over one’s shoulders while a rectangular one is the type used if you plan to wrap it around your body.

It would be best if you could purchase several shawls in different shapes, fabrics and sizes so at least you have lots to choose from and you can freely experiment to see what will work with your outfit, including the best way to wear it.

If you have a detailed neckline with fancy trim or stitching, try wearing a Pattern Pashmina Shawl . A fancy or detailed handbag should be used with a simple Black Evening Shawl . Women’s accessories can be fun to pick out and wear.

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  1. This is the perfect time of year to purchase a shawl/wrap. I wear mine with jeans by day and dressy clothes for stepping out. Soo much easier to handle and easier on the budget than a coat or jacket. A timeless addition to any closet.

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