Q&A: What type of crochet items are popular at a craft fair?

Question by motor: What type of crochet items are popular at a craft fair?
I crochet objects (like animals, jewelry, hats, ect.) what would be the most popular thing to sell at a craft fair?

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Answer by Mommiedearest
Afghans and don’t try doilies I did and it did not work.

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7 thoughts on “Q&A: What type of crochet items are popular at a craft fair?”

  1. Anything unusual, that people think they could not make themselves or that they might like to copy.

    I have bought a lot of dishcloths, I think the crochet and knitted ones do a better job than store bought.

  2. I’d go for little things. They’re quick to make, and will cost less, so your customer base might be better.

    My grandmother crocheted a bunny pin for me that I still love. Brooches can be made quickly and use very little yarn.

    Other suggestions include flowers, Christmas ornaments, towel toppers (the kind you crochet into the top of a terry towel to hang on a kitchen handle), and maybe keychain fobs or zipper pulls in interesting shapes (like a mini sweater or mitten, perhaps).

    The trick is to make things that are interesting to buyers and that don’t take too much time to make. The quicker you can make items, the more you will have available. Your labor costs will be down (if it takes you 2 months to crochet a blanket, you will never recoup your labor costs, where something small stands a better chance). Also, I’m more willing to buy a 3 to 5 dollar item than one that costs $ 50 to $ 100 or more.

    I had a discussion with a coworker the other day. She was debating buying a complicated quilt and thought $ 500 was too much money. I’d seen other quilts of the same quality go for $ 1500 or more, so I knew the bargain far quicker. It’s especially true with handmade items.

  3. Toys, amigurumi, very popular, the `cuter the better!
    oddly enough, pot holders do work well also, other kitchen stuff.

  4. In these times, I would make things that are practical. If you decide to crochet fashion items, look around the trendy shops and ask them what sells and go from there. Price accordingly, but make sure you get some sort of profit after all your hard work. Stay away from doilies, air freshener covers, kitchy stuff(potholders may work, as they are practical, but don’t make a ton of them) at least for now. You can also go to other craft fairs and look at what the competition makes.

  5. I found a site that has free craft fair patterns. The last craft fair i went to had a lot of kitchen and bath items. Hope this helps.

  6. My mother-in-law sells boat-loads of flip flops that she crochets on. She doesn’t use just the eyelash yarn, so hers are very interesting and original. She also sells a lot a dish cloths and hand towels with the topper crocheted. I personally love the baby booties and she sells lots of these also, but they take a little longer to make. Another item I have made is to crochet an edge around a purchased fleece baby blanket.
    Have fun!

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