Q&A: What type of crochet does one do with a long crochet needle?

Question by AnnieOakley: What type of crochet does one do with a long crochet needle?
Unlike knitting, the only crochet stitches I know of only has 1 to 3 stitches held on the needle at one time. What do you do with the long needles?

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Answer by Cosmic Kitty
Afghan Crochet, it a way to make very detailed stitches. I haven’t gotten around to try to though. The new Stitch and B-itch book “Happy Hooker” goes over it .

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  1. That would be an afghan hook. You work each stitch, but instead of drawing through the last loop you leave it on the hook. When you get to the end of the row, you work the stiiches back off the hook.

  2. You can crochet bedspreads and afghans, takes less time with a large needle, patterns are alot bigger. But they do turn out nice looking.

  3. It is normally for crocheting Macrame – like for instance plant hangers, where you can insert a potplant in the centre and hang it off the ceiling or outside.

  4. The long crochet hook is used for Afghan, or Tunisian, crochet. Afghan/Tunisian crochet is different than regular crochet in that you pick up a whole row of stitches (it will look like knitting with a hook on the end of the needle) and then you work them off backwards (never turning your work) and the resulting fabric curls, rather than working one stitch at a time and turning at the end of a row with the resulting fabric flat. Complete instructions here: http://vickisdesigns.tripod.com/basics.htm

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