Q&A: How to crochet a ripple stitch lap blanket?

Question by DesertGurl: How to crochet a ripple stitch lap blanket?
Does anyone know of a very easy to follow ripple stitch crochet pattern for a lap blanket/afghan/throw? Not a full size blanket and not a baby one. Just something to throw over while watching TV. How many chain stitches should I start with and what to do next? Maybe about 4 ft wide? I am not sure how to calculate how many chains I need for that width or how many ripples I need. Thanks!

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Answer by Clare
Four feet wide? An adult size afghan is smaller than a blanket and is usually around 40-45″ wide by 60″ or so inches long.

Here’s a pattern for one that measures 45″ x 60″ in the ripple design:

The picture, gauge and materials list are on that page and the instructions are at the following link in a PDF you can download:

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  1. Here is a link for a ripple pattern.
    Make the chain and start the pattern and when it is the width you want, turn and carry on with the pattern as written.

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