Positively Crochet!: 50 Fashionable Projects and Inspirational Tips

Positively Crochet!: 50 Fashionable Projects and Inspirational Tips

Includes crochet tips and encouraging words comparing crochet with handling the highs and lows of life Features classic designs and trendy patterns seen on fashion runways Positively Crochet lives up to its name with plenty of crochet projects and powerful messages for positive living. This playful, project-focused guide concentrates on the patterns and stitches used to design the 50+ fashionable items (featuring mother/daughter projects) inside this book, which include scarves,

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5 thoughts on “Positively Crochet!: 50 Fashionable Projects and Inspirational Tips”

  1. Review by Anita A. Badger for Positively Crochet!: 50 Fashionable Projects and Inspirational Tips
    I have to say up front, I’ve crocheted for about 35 years and knit for about 7 years. I learned to knit because I just didn’t like the crochet patterns and yarns being offered to crocheters; knitters are offered better patterns, better yarns, and a better, nicer attitude from yarn shop owners, as far as my experience is concerned. I am a certified knitaholic at this point.

    Mary Jane Hall’s Postively Crochet! book pleasantly surprised me, so much so that I searched all the Yahoo crochet groups I’m on to find her name so I could contact her directly about it. This book might actually might make me put my knitting down long enough to actually crochet one of these projects, and that is saying something…LOL I’ve rarely put my knitting needles down long enough to work or eat since I’ve learned to knit.

    As it is unusual for me to get excited about crochet patterns these days, this book has impressed me to the point that I have opted to write my first review of anything here on Amazon.

    There is a nice variety of projects in it, shrugs, sweaters, scarves, hats, purses, some jewelry (wire and otherwise), and even some felted projects. They are pictured very well, and it shows the yarn size required, so you can substitute if needed. Special stitches are described and helpful hints can be found throughout this book. Diagrams are provided if needed.

    I don’t see anything in its’ wording that gives me any negative impression at all. I think the words of encouragement given frequently throughout the book give it a unique “personality”, most books just give you hook size used, yarn used, row 1, row 2 etc. and no more, but this book gives a little more than that, take what you can from that “extra bit” or leave it as you please.

    Amongst the projects that are tempting me: Sari Silk bolero, the tangerine top, Swarovski crystal wring (I love wire and bead crochet), angel hair bolero, cloverleaf top, double breasted jacket purse, the cover pic (ivory shells sweater), bracelet watch (I have a hard time liking watchbands, this one I really like), the easy shrug, fun circles bag, and the circular shrug (I worked my way from back to front of the book to list these, I wish I could show you pics here so you could see the, but you will have to find a copy you can “flip” through so you can see for yourself, which I highly recommend that you do, if you are tempted by this book because of my comments above.

  2. Review by Jamie V for Positively Crochet!: 50 Fashionable Projects and Inspirational Tips
    If you like to crochet and if you like to be fashionable and consider yourself hip or even just classy,then this book is one to add to your collection. It has patterns in it for all ages but is especially attractive for teens and younger ladies (20’s & 30’s, 40’s)(as well as the older ladies who are young at heart!)

    There is not a single bad design in this book. My favorite designs are her purses. They are unique and some of the cutest purses I have ever seen. There is a felted purse in here that is to die for. There are 13 garments in this book (sweaters, tops and shrug type of patterns) and in addition to those there are hats, purses, belts and some jewelry. And a darling 2 pc outfit for a small child. But if you are into purses, this book alone is amazing with just the purses.

    And the positive comments throughout the book is an added bonus! Its about time to see something like this on the shelves. If you dont particularly care to read positive or encouraging things, well, your loss, but you still get the benefit of the chic patterns…Don’t miss this one.

    I am waiting for Positively Crochet II:)

  3. Review by J for Positively Crochet!: 50 Fashionable Projects and Inspirational Tips
    On the whole, this is a good book. It has some great ideas and many beautiful patterns. I can’t say I love everything in this book, but, overall, the patterns here are are ones I can see myself wearing and using on a regular basis. Some of the patterns I will modify, most I look forward to making, and others I won’t make at all, just as with every crochet pattern book I have come across. The difference, here, though, is that the majority (somewhere between 2/3 and 3/4) of the patterns I actually liked a great deal.

    The book is organized very well. Each pattern has a difficulty level, a list of sizes given, and a yarn weight symbol next to the picture. The materials lists everything needed, including a reference to the yarn used for the model shown, as well as the occasional advice for a good substitution. The instructions are well-written and concise. On the more difficult or lengthy patterns, there is usually a hint or two provided in the margins.

    The patterns are listed as beginner, advanced beginner or intermediate level. There are no expert or experienced level patterns, although nearly all of the patterns will keep the crocheter intrigued and having fun. Most of the patterns can be completed within a few days or a couple of weeks.

    A quick run-down of patterns:

    20 are beginner level

    16 are advanced beginner level

    14 are intermediate level


    11 women’s tops (shrugs, boleros, sweaters, etc)

    1 little girl’s outfit

    1 capelet

    1 wristwarmers

    1 skirt overlay

    1 mary jane slippers

    11 scarves

    3 hats

    1 hat/scarf

    2 belts

    4 bracelets

    2 rings

    3 necklaces

    1 watch

    1 keychain

    5 bags

    1 iPod cozy

  4. Review by Crochet Freak for Positively Crochet!: 50 Fashionable Projects and Inspirational Tips
    To the point- this is a fantastic book. I’m a huge fan of Mary Jane Hall. This book is well laid out and has clear pictures of the finished items. The inspirational tips are a great addition to this book.

    The patterns are well written, and easy to follow- no matter what skill level. They range from women’s tops – the one on the front cover is on my list of “to do’s”, as well as a very cute Tangerine top (also, on my list of to do’s). There are a few scarf patters- but not your ordinary scarf patterns. These have some amazing embelishments that make them truly unique and inspiring. The yarns suggested in the book are main stream, affordable yarns- which is always a huge plus.

    This book would make a great addition to any collection- I highly recommend it.

    Positively Crochet!: 50 Fashionable Projects and Inspirational Tips

  5. Review by R. Lee for Positively Crochet!: 50 Fashionable Projects and Inspirational Tips
    I’m pretty picky when it comes to patterns for crocheted garments…I don’t like boxy, unflattering sweaters, and for a while I thought those were my only options. “Positively Crochet” showed me otherwise — the book is full of gorgeous, stylish patterns that I can actually see myself wearing (gasp!). 🙂

    There are a lot of patterns ranging from accessories to full-blown sweaters, so even if you’re not crazy about one, chances are you’ll find something you like. Now, I’d recommend having a handle on the basic stitches — chain, single, double, slip — before picking up this book. But that aside, you shouldn’t have any problem understanding the patterns. I found that they are clearly written and easy to understand. (Plus, there’s a handy-dandy list of pattern abbreviations in the front, just in case you get confused!)

    Another really cool thing about this book are the uplifting messages that come with each pattern. These “Words of Encouragement,” as they are called, offer inspirational tips and calming words for the reader. I tend to crochet in order to de-stress anyway, so I found the “Words of Encouragement” tidbits particularly heartening.

    One other thing that I really appreciated — and it’s a minor thing, but really helpful for me — was that Mary Jane Hall gives suggestions for inexpensive yarns to use. I am cheap and have no problem whatsoever buying Caron Simply Soft for my garments, for example, instead of some super-expensive alpaca/cashmere/gold bullion blend that costs a dollar a yard. And it’s a pain in the behind to figure out the proper substitution when that super-expensive yarn is the kind used in the pattern…I always end up forgetting to carry a 2 or something. So the fact that Mary Jane Hall uses wallet-friendly yarn in her patterns was a huge benefit for me, personally.

    Finally, if there IS something you don’t understand in her book, Mary Jane Hall makes herself very available to her readers, and that’s something I haven’t seen any other pattern designer do. Her email’s listed on her website, so it’s super easy to drop her a line with any questions. (Note: there are clarifications and some minor errata listed on her website, so bookmark that as well.)

    The verdict: two thumbs positively up! ;D

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