Not Your Mama’s Crochet: The Cool and Creative Way to Join the Chain Gang

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Product Description
Forget ugly afghans and dainty doilies and think luxurious throws and sumptuous sweaters. You can crochet cool stuff that will make everyone envious–things to spice up your wardrobe and your pad, or gifts to amaze your “I could never do that” friends. Choose from nearly thirty projects ranging from elegant to earthy–from a chic shrug to a recycled denim rug and from fun plush toys to sweaters too good for boys.

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Not Your Mama’s Crochet: The Cool and Creative Way to Join the Chain Gang

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5 thoughts on “Not Your Mama’s Crochet: The Cool and Creative Way to Join the Chain Gang”

  1. I knit, crochet, spin…you name it. I’ve even written a crochet book myself! But I love Not Your Mama’s Crochet’s fresh take on the art, and I even learned some things myself. (If you’ve ever found a vintage pattern you love that you want to adapt to modern yarns, check out “Vintage Patterns and Yarn Substitution” on page 57! I also discovered why crochet is cool in Mongolia on page 185 — now where else are you going to read about that?)

    The measurement worksheet at the back of the book is an easy way to keep all your personal measurements organized and in one place — I admit I end up remeasuring myself almost any time I start a new project because I’ve lost the tiny slip of paper with everything from last time.

    Patterns? oh yes… I’m eyeing the recycled denim rug on page 171 as a way to reuse all my old, ripped-up pairs of jeans, and the “Too Good for Your Boyfriend” sweater would look amazing on just about any body type thanks to its lovely raglan shaping. (I’m a big fan of raglans).

    Y’know, the other reviewers complained about the information at the front of the book, but I’m sorry — not everyone has a copy of the Happy Hooker on their desk, and there are only so many ways you can outline the basic info a new crocheter needs to get started. I thought the instructions were really clear and good, and the book title won’t cause real-world Mamas to have fits. (Don’t laugh — I’ve overheard more than one mom at the yarn store passing up Stoller’s books due to title… and while I think that’s pretty stupid, it does happen. So comparing this book to the Happy Hooker is not really fair).

    Not Your Mama’s Crochet is a great way to get started, and gives readers lots of encouragement to try out their skills. I really liked this book!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. I really enjoy the patterns. I like that they use classy yarns yet list less pricey ones for each project. One of the best innovations in the pattern instructions is that the knitting gauge of the yarn is included so you can go into your stash and make substitutions for the yarns. So far what I’ve tried out has been accurate. I appreciate the careful editing that equals less frustration and potentially unfinished projects.And since I hardly ever follow a pattern as written, I really like the sections on “Variations”. They inspire me to invent even more alternatives.

    Having been a hardcore knitter for years I was glad to get the refresher on crochet techniques. Also Chapter 12, on how to hook up (sorry for the pun) with the crochet community on-line was helpful.

    This is a great book for learning, patterns and inspiration.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. I am a knitter and spinner and will soon be adding crochet to the list. sure I know how to do a basic chain stitch but that is about it. I have tried to learn crochet from other books and failed. However, this book lays it all out in plain English. I can actually keep my sides even!

    The book itself is well written and laid out. First off is the Market Bag. I live about 4 blocks from the local farmers market. Buying Local, Buying Organic but using plastic bags that I’m just going to throw out? Heck no!! Now I will have a bag to take to the market with me!!

    Living in a city where it gets cold at night but is warm during the day makes the Weekend Vest perfect. Once I master that its going to be the Pseudo-Kimono. Having seen this sweater in person let me tell you that it looks fabulous in the picture in the book but in person … It is to die for!! I can’t wait to crochet it up. I have to admit I never thought I would catch myself saying this.

    Get this book. Especially you knitters who have stayed away from crochet! This book will change your mind and get you hooked! Literally.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. This book has is all wonderful easy to follow instructions and great projects. This book is great for beginners and a must have for any crocheter!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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