Knitting Baby Clothes – How I Continued The Family Tradition

Grandmother’s Love Passes On to Another Generation

This story is about a woman who learned how to knit thanks to the love of her grandmother. She took the knowledge with her and when each of her children were born, she knitted things for them with feeling and telling them, it is more personal to sew than buy.

When I was little, my grandmother educated me how to crochet. The moment my chubby digits could hold the needle, she was showing me how to knit. At six years of age and when her eyes were no longer well, she handed me the sewing needles to filament for her.

When I was eight years old, my mother knitted for me an entire wardrobe for springtime.
I remember in detail what she made for me right down to the trimmed red kerchief. She spent all of her off work time making me my wardrobe. Still I can remember colors and patterns that my grandmother used for nightgowns, she sewed for me.

I know there is magic in the handmade clothing. It goes past all the colors, styles and the quality of handiwork. No doubt that with every stitch and every knot she done, it was done out of love for my brothers and me. So when I was pregnant with my first child, it seemed only fitting to pick a crochet hook and thread. I started making the clothes that my child would wear home from the hospital.

But once I got going, I didn’t stop. Sewing clothes for babies was just more than a way to save money or create some distinctive baby clothing styles… it is a way that we can envelop them with love. It is a way to sew your wishes into the fabric as you shape each piece.

As years passed, I have sewn, knit and crocheted sweaters, sunsuits, dresses, short sets, blankets, quilts, hats and even pants for each of my five children. From day one, the kids all had special clothing that I made myself just for them. It was my wish that my love for knitting and dressing my children would pick up on and pass along except:

When I recently went to visit my 22-year-old daughter, I saw the sweater I made for her placed onto her teddy bear. This teddy bear is sitting on her dresser. On her table on one room, she had a blanket I created for her covering it.

My 19-year old son is fully grown and out on his own. He still owns the knitted baby blanket that he was wrapped him from his hospital trip to home. He does create and make his own clothing. Some are imaginative and unusual and in patches for his jeans and jackets. I have found shirt, sweater and short bits made into other clothing as patches.

The 15 year old hid away her first party dress I made when she was six months old. Though she never said a word, I found it in her little treasure box.

For my 10 and 12-year-old boys, I knitted them blankets that I brought them home in and each both boys still have them. Those are their favorite blankets.

You owe it to yourself to learn how to knit…not just for yourself though but for your children. It’s a way to save money but in actuality, it’s the best feeling in the world to create your child’s clothes or blankets instead of buying them. Remember…it is a gratifying feeling when those kids grow up and still have those precious items.

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