I am trying to find a filet crochet pattern for the 23rd psalms?

I have looked all over the internet and just cannot find any, I have found the Lord’s Prayer (which I just made) and I want to crochet the Psalms next. If there are any free patterns that would be nice, but I would buy a pattern if I could just find one.
Can anyone help me, also If there is a site for more religious sayings, I would like that as well.

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2 thoughts on “I am trying to find a filet crochet pattern for the 23rd psalms?”

  1. Here’s a place you can buy it:

    You can also ask Jennie at Country Yarns. She’s very helpful finding patterns:

    I know this isn’t what you’re looking for, but just in case you decide you want to try it, it’s the Lord’s Prayer:

    Some people take cross stitch and convert it to filet crochet… Perhaps you could do that with this one:

    FINALLY, I wonder if it’s not available, you could come up with your own? Check this site out, it has tips and tricks for making filet crochet:

    Hope this helps!

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