How To Perform Crochet Cable

If you want to use a different type of crochet stitch than you normally use than you may want to try crochet cable. It you already know how to do a double crochet stitch or a chain stitch than you can easily master this type of crochet stitch. The chain stitch is the foundation of the cable and generally this will take about five rows which are repeated.

The very first row of the cable uses double crochet stitches. This is done by wrapping the yarn around the hook, sliding the hook into the first chain, wrapping the yarn around again and then pulling the hoop back through the chain.

The second row uses different uses of the double cross stitch as you will do the stitch properly and then do the double crochet stitch through the different stitch posts.

If for some reason you do not understand what any terms mean than you can look them up and if you need better directions than you can go online and find pictures and very detailed direction on how to do a crochet cable stitch. As with any type of stitch it is important to do a gauge to make sure you are doing the correct size.

Cabling can be done when following a pattern or you can simply add it in if you want to add an extra feature to a pattern. Cabling can be used for embellishing and can be used on blankets, sweaters, scarves and much more. It is possible to make your cable as wide or as narrow as you want and you can have several different cables as you want.

If you do not usually use crochet cabling than you should definitely practice a bit so you get the type of result that you want. You will be very pleased with the results using this stitch.

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