How to Make a Bib Necklace

Fashion crafts are a popular topic at If you love fashion, you have probably noticed the recent popularity of the bib necklace. These chunky necklaces, which have a bib-like shape, are an eye-catching way to display an array of jewel, flowers and other embellishments. Bib necklaces are all the rage with designers right now, and we have seen quite a few craft bloggers come up with their own fashion craft tutorials. If you are a fan of DIY fashion or fashion crafts, try making your own with this bib necklace tutorial.


Black Felt
1 yard Black ribbon (1/2 inch wide)
Paper and Pencil for pattern
Sewing Machine or Needle
Black Thread
Hot Glue
Embellishments- See ideas below


Draw a bib pattern on a piece of paper. This bib shape can be as large or small as you want for your bib necklace. You will be attaching this shape to the ribbon, so don’t worry about extending the sides up to fit around your neck. I would recommend a nice big shape to give you more creative freedom.
Cut out your paper pattern. Double over your black felt and pin your pattern to the top of the felt. Cut out two bib shapes from the felt with the help of your pattern.
Sew the two pieces of black felt together around the top and bottom edges, leaving the two, neck edges of the bib un-sewn.
Cut your length of black ribbon in half. Place the cut edge of each ribbon inside the black felt about 1 inch. Stitch the neck edges closed, securing the ribbon in place.
Now you are ready to embellish your black felt bib necklace. Find ideas below for how to embellish your DIY fashion bib necklace. For the best results, layer many different techniques and textures.

How to Embellish Your Bib Necklace

Iron-On Threads- For a fun starting background on your bib necklace, try ironing on different threads or braids in a random pattern.
Vintage Jewelry– Use hot glue, jewelry glue or hand sewing to attach vintage jewelry pieces for your bib necklace. You can also attach vintage pins or brooches with the normal pin back.
Hot Fix Crystals-You can use a special hot-fix tool to affix Swarovski crystals to your necklace or you can use an iron-on method for many crystal products.
Beads- Use big chunky beads to coordinate with your other embellishments.
Crochet– Use crochet to make shapes or crochet flowers to embellish your bib necklace.
Sequin Applique– Pick up some sequin appliques at a local craft store for your bib necklace. DIY fashion could not be easier. You can also make your own sequin shapes on fabric and hot glue to your bi necklace.
Silk Rosettes- Go big and bold by gluing on large silk flowers. Intersperse with gold elements and pearls for a soft, feminine look.
Buttons- Sew or glue buttons onto your black felt bib necklace. You can also make Dorset buttons with the help of a fabric.
Felt Flowers– Roll up strips of felt and secure with a dot of glue to create cute little felt flowers. Make your own felt flowers with wool roving.
Fabric Flowers or Yo Yo’s- Use fabric scraps to create your own fabric flowers or yo-yo’s. You will need to do a gathering stitch for either embellishment. Heart-shaped yo yo’s would also be a fun embellishment.

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