How to join seperate pieces of Crochet work?

Question by wendyladi98: How to join seperate pieces of Crochet work?
I am learning to crochet and have been doing small squares for practice (20 across and about 8 rows all with a K hook) and have that down and they look really nice and suddenly I had an inspiration. a crochet patchwork quilt. I could make long white pieces of like 10 across to put in between the squares. My question is how would I go about joining it all? Do you just do a whip stich with yarn or is there an easier way?

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Answer by rednightsky
You can stitch them together, or you could crochet them. You basically just hold the edges together and do slip stitches through both.

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3 thoughts on “How to join seperate pieces of Crochet work?”

  1. There are several methods to joining squares: books on making Afghans will give you the details with illustrations.
    Generally, I use a darning needle and join them by hiding the joining thread, much like burying the ends. I don’t whip stitch the ends because I can get a roll that shows up. Sometimes you can single stitch them together. But, this will also show up.

    It really depends upon the desired effect that you are after. But a book or search online for “joining afghan squares” for more techniques.

  2. Hello,
    As I don’t like sewing I always join crochet together using what you call sc although I’m told you can do other stitches as well.
    Why don’t you do a yahoo search for AnniesAttic – you can see the various stitches and how to do them & find a free daily pattern there as well.

  3. How wonderful you’re learning how to crochet! I like the sound of your project! 🙂

    There are two ways to connect your work:
    1. sew it together
    2. crochet it together

    If you opt to sew it together, there are different ways to do so, each giving you a different look. The best site to expain the different ways is this one:

    If you opt to crochet it together, there are different ways to do so, and just like in sewing, each way will give you a different look. The same website as above will give you the how-to instructions …

    Personally, I like crocheting my pieces together using a type of single crochet, chain, single crochet type of rhythm (In fact, I just blogged about doing so with a project I’m currently working on.) The how-to is on the website.

    The important thing here is to go with what you like. If you’re not sure which to go with, then I recommend making some small squares and practice the various techniques on those first.

    I hope this helps,
    ~Dee Stanziano
    CYCA Certified Crochet Teacher

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