How to Crochet a Basket

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25 thoughts on “How to Crochet a Basket”

  1. @pinklawer Using a larger crochet hook is the easiest way. The other way is to do another round of increase stitches.

  2. how do i make it a bigger basket?
    i tried another row 2 hdc in ea 48 of total 96 it stared to form curls all around

  3. I love the basket. I made one to see how it would come out and loved it. I’m now making one for each of my three kids to use for Easter egg hunts every year. i just added a few more rounds at the end to make it a little taller.

  4. @tjw1963 Thanks for your reply. I actually regretted posting the question. English is not my first language and I sound like a crazy person in English especially on Youtube! (Sad). I went ahead and did what I thought might work, and came up with a very very pretty basket. I felt so happy putting in the tangerines.

  5. You will continue with increase rounds. There is where you work 2 stitches in one stitch with even increments around.

  6. @abgrunder My guess is, I’ll have to two half double crochets in one stitch a few more times in earlier rounds?? and then when the total number of stitches is somewhere around 96 (or 100) I do the same as done here?

    Also, I just finished my V-stitch scarf yesterday. I just started crocheting. Less than a week ago. I think you’re such a great teacher that I’m having little problem doing exactly as you do! Thank you again!

  7. I have a quetion!
    What should I do if I want to make the basket about twice the size here? This is so very cute and not that difficult to follow so I tried it and came up with one too small. It felt more like a bowl. I’d very much like to use the basket to put in California Cuties (tangerines) on the kitchen table. So, something about 15 tangerines should be accommodated, and I think twice the size would fit them nicely.

  8. Very cute. I am adding this to my list of project to make for Easter. Thanks for such a wonderful design.

  9. If you use starch.. availabel in the laundry isle of your grocery store. Just make up a strong solution and soak your crochet in that. Then gently squeeze the excess solution out of the crochet piece (do not wring it!) And mould the peice over a cup or bowl or other mould to the shape you want. Let your pieces air dry and they are stiff. another thing you can use if can’t find starch is just icing sugar solution. I prefer the starch.

  10. hi,i’m alina from romania.Where can i see a full version for that amigurumi mouse?You’ve lost me from round 4 and 5 :((.i really wanna make it for my little boy.Can u answer me on my email?i beg you.i want to do it untill xmas.thx

  11. Hi Teresa , Im from Kuwait I like & lov all ur videos ,I learn too much from u I made this basket and its excelant Im smart maybe better than u its a joke 🙂 ur the best ,can u make an accesories like neckleses, preslets from crochet . Way u dont come here to Kuwait and teaching the crochet here, u will be rich, people here likes learning crochet too much, thanks for every things lov u 🙂

  12. Do you have a pattern for an OVAL basket? I would like to make a “Moses basket” bassinet for a doll. Thank you!

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