How to Crochet 101 – TRIPLE CROCHET

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25 thoughts on “How to Crochet 101 – TRIPLE CROCHET”

  1. Thank you! I’ve learned to single, double and triple by watching your instructional video. I cant wait to learn even more from you. Thank you for taking the time to teach. Much appreciated.

  2. Thank you. Doing the video in slow motion is very helpful. I have learned to single, double and triple from your instructions. I can crochet! wooohooo!

  3. i really want to get into crocheting again. you explain and show everything really great so i will be watching many of your vids 🙂

  4. @purplerosez007 The crochet technique for and American English triple and UK English Treble are different. You will need to find a video with the UK version of a treble.

  5. Hi! I’m actually trying to learn a TREBLE crochet, I was almost certain it is a different stitch than a TRIPLE crochet, yet every video I have looked at it’s just people doing triples. Are they really the same thing?

  6. Hi Teresa , can you tell me what trtr means in pattern i m making some flowers but i just dont understand ……. thanks ….

  7. Could you help me please. My edge always looks uneven on both sides. Have only been doing crocheting for 2 days and dont want to get into bad habits. Thx

  8. This video is a god send, i am a new beginner to crocheting, and reading what to do is not enough for me, but watching your video’s i get the stitch almost straight away, still practising at the moment though.
    Thank you so much Teresa. xx

  9. Wrapping around once is the double crochet. Wrapping around twice is the triple crochet. This is American instructions. I know they are different in the UK so that may create some confusion.

  10. in your book it tells you to wrap the yarn around once!!
    I am making the tunic and everything seems ok!!

  11. yeah, me 2…lol. The last time I tried I wanted to make a twin size afgan for my, then, unborn daughter. I measured it all out and all that, started on it and as I went along it just kept getting smaller and smaller till I thought “I guess it wants to be a crib afgan”, but it KEPT shrinking…lol. If i kept going i would have had a pot holder. I know its too tight, but it always looks like it will fall apart when its loose. I’m gonna watch these vids and give it another try. Lol.

  12. You are correct. That is tension. What you can do is practice holding the yarn looser as you crochet each stitch. Both hands will play a role with this, especially the opposite hand holding the yarn from the hook. Let the yarn flow through your fingers with a relaxed tension. Keep practicing and you will get it.

  13. I can only imagine that it must be my tension, but whenever I do practically any stitch everything seems too tight.

  14. Hi I have been watching your videos and they have been very helpful. I am a beginner and I the reason I started is because my sister just found out she is pregnant with her first child and I want to make her a baby blanket. So I was wondering is there any certain type of stich that is good for a blanket and also is there a certain type of yarn that you would recomend.

  15. OMG thanks soooo muchie Teresa!
    This was JUST what I was looking for!
    Thanks for the Double Crochet Video too!
    They’re SOOOOOOOOOOOO great and easy :DDD

  16. Yes, you are correct. The stitches do get longer. I have worked stitches where the yarn was wrapped around the hook 10 times. This is done in thread crochet and works up really nice.

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