How to buy crochet hooks in bulk?

My family is traveling to South America. My sister is a very avid crocheter and wants to take a large number of hooks to give out to child panhandlers in lieu of money so that the children will be able to keep what they are given, and perhaps teach them a few basic stitches.

Does anyone know of a way to get large quantities of plastic crochet hooks for a reasonable price?

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5 thoughts on “How to buy crochet hooks in bulk?”

  1. If they are panhandling they probably don’t have the money to buy yarn or the free time to sit around and teach themselves what to do with the hooks. If she wants to do something that’s not a complete waste of money then tell her to buy bulk granola or energy bars so they can eat.

  2. Go to micheals or joannes. They sell them in packs or seperae but they are very cheap. I suggest you buy them there and they have many walls of yarn and books too so check that out. Good luck!

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