How to Add Fringe or Tassel – Crochet

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16 thoughts on “How to Add Fringe or Tassel – Crochet”

  1. Instead of a crochet hook you could use a paperclip bent tight together, or any other metal of plastic wire folded in half 😛

    The way you tie your tassels will give a pretty effect on one side, but the other will look different. You can just pull the string through halfway and tie it in a big knot to get an even tassel.

  2. Theresa–you rock!! You have vids for everything. I was just thinking about how to add fringes to a scarf I am making.

    Thank you for your videos. Informative. you talk with us and not AT us…Makes me want to keep crocheting.

  3. You can always use a cardboard and turn the yarn over and over as many times as you wish and then cut one side. It’s hard to explain, example, if you wanted a 10 inch fringe, you would use a 5 inch cardboard and after you have the right number of yarns, cut on the bottom end and you end up with the double, so it would be a 10 inch piece of yarn but for a 5 inch fringe… Hope I was a little clear

  4. Thank you so much- I have a quick question. How do you prevent or slow down the process of fringe unravelling and “fuzzing” after washing/drying?

  5. I love your videos!!
    I am making a baby blanket out of the solid granny squares white and either blue or pink depending on what we are having, what would you suggest that I add for more decoration. Fringe or is there something else that I could do?

  6. Hahaha I swear sometimes you read my mind for things I need for the projects I’m working on!!! Thanks for being my mind reader LOL

  7. Could you show us how to do a beret hat but one with a wider back to it with or with out the beak on it with out if possibble?

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