2 thoughts on “How much yarn do you need to crochet a queen size afghan?”

  1. It depends on the gauge you get with the yarn and the F hook. One way to figure it out is to crochet a square exactly 6″ x 6″. That’s 1/4 of a square foot. Then unravel and measure the yarn it took to crochet 1/4 square foot. Multiply by 4 to get the amount of yarn for 1 square foot.

    A Queen-size afghan is about 84″ across and about 108″ long. That’s 7 ft x 9 ft or 63 sq ft. Multiply the yardage you calculated for 1 square foot times 63 to get the yardage for 63 square feet. Then buy enough skeins to provide that yardage (plus a little more in case of error, knots, and so on).

  2. Well, I see one pattern on Ravelry says you can make a 40 x 60″ afghan with 36 ounces of yarn, using a G hook.

    Your usage will not be exactly the same, but it will be similar. That comes out to 2400 square inches of crochet for 36 oz of yarn, or about 66 square inches of afghan per ounce.

    Another poster mentioned that queen size is 84 by 108, which comes out to 9072 square inches total. At the rate I previously mentioned, that would require 137 ounces of yarn.

    If you were going to use that as a guide, I’d suggest buying at least 137 ounces of yarn at once – probably one or two skeins more, would be a good idea. And make sure you try to match dye lots, so one part of the blanket won’t be a different color than the rest.

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