How do I single crochet decrease 2 times in a row?

Question by Kai Tlynne F: How do I single crochet decrease 2 times in a row?
This is what the directions say: sc × 2, 2-sc dec
I understand that I single crochet 2 times and then 2 single crochet decreases but I don’t know if I’m supposed to the 2nd decrease in the same holes as the first or seperate ones. Either way I do it it’s either not coming closer together or it’s to close together. Please help.

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Answer by Suzetta W
You should do 1 sc dec in 2 sts, then in the next 2 sts do another.

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2 thoughts on “How do I single crochet decrease 2 times in a row?”

  1. Work your two sc in the first two stitches, then pull up a loop in each of the next 2 stitches, yo and complete the sc and repeat this in the next 2 stitches.

  2. Are you sure this is EXACTLY what it said? Two single croched decreases are done (usually) as follows: In the next stitch incert the hook, yo, pull up a loop. Incert the hook in the next stitch, yo and pull up a loop. Yo and pull through all the loops (3). One loop left on the hook. Unless told to do so, you always move on to the next stitch. You are right, this is a rather short decrease! Two dc decreases make a nice cluster. What are you making?

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