How can I crochet a double-layered potholder?

Question by Kate E: How can I crochet a double-layered potholder?
I am already starting to crochet potholders to give to relatives as Christmas presents. When I make them with only one layer, they are too thin, and it is possible to get burned through them. It would be great if anyone could offer some tips on how to go about crocheting a double-layered potholder. Also, if anyone has suggestions on other things I could crochet as Christmas gifts, that would be great!

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Look at this you tube video. It shows exactly how to make the double pot holder, also called the magic pot holder.

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3 thoughts on “How can I crochet a double-layered potholder?”

  1. That youtube video is great. That was the answer I was going to give until I saw she had already posted the link. Besides that magic potholder, your other option would be to crochet two squares the same size and sew them together or make one big rectangle, fold it in half, and sew the ends together. You could also do this with any potholder pattern in any shape or size that you don’t feel is thick enough. Just make two and sew or crochet them together.

    One stitch I really like is the trinity stitch. This would be great for a potholder because it’s so thick and a double layer of it would work wonderfully. Here’s a link on how to do it:

    You can check out these links for other potholders and other kitchen crochet ideas. If you are doing potholders as Christmas gifts, you could also give a dishcloth or a set of coasters or placemats as part of the gift too. Here are some links to patterns.

    ~Happy Crocheting!~

  2. You could just double or triple the yarn strands to make a thicker one. I have plenty of free patterns on my blog and Christmas gift ideas too. It is warm here in Australia at Christmas time so I am making open lace shawls and scarves. Last year I made the crochet top hand towels and dish cloths.
    good luck with your crocheting 🙂
    CatsRockinCrochet´s last blog post ..My Locker Hooked Table Mat

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