Crocheting a Jayne Cobb Hat!?
I can crochet in rows but not in rounds, i can not knit and do not similar to to knit. I require the pattern and guide for making one Jayne Cobb, from Joss Whedon’s Firefly, hat. Picture here:http://liquidfractal.com/brigade/pix/log… I can not label the one from the guide on…

Crocheting issues?
well the baby have arrived his name is jack Micheal he was boren june 26th 2008 at 4:17 within the morning lol. i am so happy to have an other cousin(did not judge i could make the nine months lol) as a gift to him i made my first…

Cross bonding Boiler pipework surrounded by a kitchen what conductor size do I obligation?
Hi Guys, I’m cross bonding some metal pipes coming out of a boiler I just need to know what what floor conductor size i need to use?? the main equipotential bonding near the gas and water mains is done but these for some principle havn’t been done. anyone know …

Cutting an nouns vent surrounded by tile floor?
I would like to cut an air vent surrounded by a tile floor. Is there a circular saw blade to cut tile? Or do I need to verbs up the tile, cut it with a tile saw, and re-lay it? Thanks for your help

Cutting boards?
I want to buy a good cutting board. What do the pros use? And where on earth to buy it?

Damaged MDF Furniture – Is There Any Way To Repair It?
I have a backboard that has get a few small areas of damage about 3cm by 3cm, Ive see products that claim to be able to fill mdf, my query is do they work, and if not is there anything else that will do the undertaking.

Decal Paper for printer that will work for a decal to put on my sports car?
I am looking for a decal paper that I can print from home and then enjoy the decal withstand outside weathering. I want to make a decal for my saloon. I have tried this with different products and found that they will not stay on my coup¨¦ after several days….

Decorating a candle?
I just bought a plain lilac-colored berry-scented candle. I like it alot, it’s a brand of big wide pillar(?) candle. How can I decorate it and gross it look pretty? Also, do I need to put it on a tray? It’s really thick…=D THANKS!<3

Decorating HELP!?
I want to put pictures up on my wall below the ceiling for a border around my room, BUT my problem is that I don’t know how i’m going to put them up there without own to nail every single one individually. any ideas?!

Decorating neoprene…?
k, so i got a new laptop crust thing and its neoprene. its too plain, but it was the merely one that fit…so could i put decals on it or something?? any other ideas? THANKS!! 🙂

Desperately requirement oblige to fix moldy wood cupboard within the middle of bath/shower tiles.?
Believe it or not, our bathroom has a cupboard with two doors(where the pane used to be), in the middle of the wall around the bath / shower, which is mostly adjectives. (This apparently was a contractor’s bright idea when a full-size extension was put on behind this side of…

DeWalt 12V Cordless Drill Driver 3/8 …??
I know this question may sound rediculous to most men, but I’m a woman who know nothing about power tools. 😉 I purchased a 12V DeWalt Cordless Driver for someone and I’d resembling to know how this drill charges. I bought it used and it only has…

Dewalt Vs Makita?
18volt cordless drill. which do you thinks better?

Diaper Cake?
I know how to make the diaper cake but can you please tell me what I entail to use in order to support a bear/doll onto the side and top of the cake? Please view the links below to understand what I’m trying to speak. Stuffed animal…

Did lightning burn my aficionado, or the switch?
Lightning struck my house and fried a breaker. I replaced the breaker but I still have a ceiling fan/light that wont come on. Could the lightning have adjectives the fan/light, or do you think it’s in the switch itself?

Different between sand sealer and primer sealer ?
Well i need to paint a guitar. I will use acrylic lacquer for color and clear coats. So i went paint shop for sand sealer but instead he showed me primer sealer. Which he said is for same purpose as of sanding sealer. It that true. Because i can’t trust…

Dish washer plumbing?
Morning all, I really want a dishwasher, but my kitchen is too small for a full size jobbie. I’ve even contempltated moving just to seize one… but not in this market climate, so desperation have led me to consider the small types that can go on a worksurface….

DIT home pane tinting?
I need some advice on installing skylight tinting myself. Also, window tinting that blocks UVA/UVB rays and still lets you soak up gazing outside. I don’t know the first thing around installing that stuff…help!

DIY CD polish?
What liquid or chemical buffs CDs to a smooth finish? Not just buffing SCRATCHES but buffing rough spots on the underside of the CD where on earth scratches usually are (i.e those cloudy spots you get if you spill something resembling perfume or cologne on it) What also gets rid…

DIY home decor tips?
I want all you little DIY project tips. I’m wanting to redo my daughters (age 5) room and son (age 7) room. I would love some project concept.

DIY honeymoon Unity Candle Q: I hold a white pillar candle, but I really considered necessary to product it personalized…?
but without spending a lot. I considered necessary to add a verse from the Bible to it or even our names/wedding date…something resembling that. I wasn’t sure how to go about doing that. I thought of printing out what I considered necessary it to say on a type…

DIY inground pool cross-question?
My boyfriend has been building basements for 12 years, do you imagine it would be posible to build an inground pool with concreat forms, I would by a thick liner. But I don’t know where on earth to put the drains and pump, please help!

DIY mosaic tiling?
I have a small round accent table next to formica top. I’d like to try my hand at mosaic tiling on the top. Is it possible to do this over the formica, or do I enjoy to remove it. If so, what do…

DIY nightmare contained by effect I be attempting to do some electrical work?
My screw driver came into contact with the wires contained by the electrical box causing a spark and now my wires enjoy no power I reset the breaker and still no power am I going to have to replace the electrical line that be burnt and if so how do…

DIY planning for ripened shirts and other clothes?
I already made a quilt out of shirts and I’m about to make pillows

DIY Plumbing: Up and over?
I’m running new supply lines to a bathroom and I have two option. I can either go through a brick wall and up through the floor, or I can run up, through the ceiling and back down. Is it even allowed to run a supply line up…

DIY shed electric wiring?
I want to put all the wiring within my shed then get an electrician to come within and connect. The shed is in my back courtyard 10 metres from the house. I have divided it into a workshop and a games room. I was want to put within a circuit…

DIY Soundproofing on the Cheap!?
While my girlfriend supports my drumming habit, she doesn’t necessarily want to hear it in adjectives parts of our house. I keep the drums in the subterranean vault and am looking for some inexpensive ways to soundproof; or at least greatly reduce the nouns. Help and thanks!

DIY Tile Kitchen Backsplash — Worth the Savings?
We are building a new home and are considering doing the travertine backsplash ourselves. I did get an estimate from the guy who did our tile floors, but the bid come back for $690 labor and $180 for materials. Is this a simple DIY project or…

Do I call for a vapor barrage contained by my finished vault and if so how is it done?
I live in upstate NY. I am finishing my basement. I enjoy noticed in the summer months that it is extreamly soaked in the basement. I am assuming I requirement a vapor barrier before I install insulation and finish the walls. Unfortunately the previous owners enjoy already afixed 1×2’s to…

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