23 thoughts on “Frilly Crochet Square”

  1. II think this would be a great square to make the focal point of an afgan/throw, tote, etc. Thanks!

  2. it’s so beutiful but i cant make because i dont have an I hook or any yarn i only have a F/5-3.75MM hook but your still awsome your better then me any day everyday

  3. If you made enough of these squares, would it work to attach them together to make a blanket? Your videos are wonderful, because of you I am learning, and have learned to crochet, something I have wanted to do for a really long time! Thank you. 🙂

  4. @nannab1953 Yes, you can do more rounds and then add the loop on the next round. You may need to an extra chain on the loop round.

  5. I love this pattern. You could just keep doing rounds and do the loop row every fourth row, couldn’t you?

  6. Can you do a slow motion version or maybe just do it a little slower for us beginners. I love the look of this granny square but the video is much too fast to follow.

  7. wow your work is amazing…thankyou so much….in just a few days i’ve learnt so many things from your videos…things that i’ve been trying to learn for years….thankyou so much again!

  8. Hey Teresa! This is a great video. I really like it. Thank you so much for learning us wonderful crochet things. thanks again

  9. These videos are great! My grandma taught me to crochet as a child and made me a blanket for when I left home. I love it, and still have it now! I decided to make a blanket for my best friend who has just moved to Canada, and stumbled across your site. I had no idea there were so many variations! I’ve got about half the squares I need now. Thanks so much.

  10. very nice! i love when crochet artists do versions of the granny square.
    tjw is the best!!!!! wassup to all the crochet peeps out there!!!

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