Double Crochet Stitch

An instructional video on how to do a double crochet stitch.
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50 thoughts on “Double Crochet Stitch”

  1. Thank you soo much, almost all the other videos it is so complicated but this one makes it so easy:)
    Thank you!!

  2. my grandmother taught me how to knit and crochet as a child. i’ve done it off an on all my life, but had forgotten how to read a pattern, and a few of the stitches. your tutorials are fantastic, and i really thank *you* for taking the time to put them on and teach. now, no longer having grandma to sit here with me and teach, this is the next best thing! 🙂

  3. This little video made my day! Thank you so much for clearly explaining what the books and abbreviations try to make complicated!

    You rock.

  4. Thank you watching these videos have been most helpful its better than trying to read patterns from Janet in uk

  5. wow I never knew I had to start off going into the 4st, and doing 3 st at the turn.. These video’s have made it sooooo much easier than reading a pattern which looks all alien like to me anyway. I now only learn to crochet by watching these sorts of video’s because I can watch it all the way through and establish whether or not I feel able to tackle it before I even commence my first stitch. Thank you!

  6. @lperlich i am left handed as well. My mum tried to teach me knitting and I failed miserably at it because she is right handed, so I self taught myself to crochet as i find it so much easier than knitting. These video’s are a godsend to all newbies, especially when we dont have someone who has patience to sit with us for hours on end and teach us left handers lol

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Knit Witch!
    My mom is trying to teach me how to crochet right now. Unfortunately, she is left-handed and I am right-handed. She is also a self-taught crocheter (unable to speak perfect English when she arrived here, she learned by studying pictures in books). Needless, her stitch lessons can get confusing. Now she and I crochet side by side with ease thanks to you!!!

  8. @callmecrazyrach – Yes – you need to be sure to start your stitches in the correct place or else the edges will not be even.

  9. this helped amazingly thank you. without this video i would still be doing it wrong. thanks again

  10. i’ve been trying to teach my OLDER sister how to crochet, unfortunately I’m a very impatient teacher…

  11. why do you need to go into the 4th chain stitch when you start?

    ive done this stitch before, but it was in a patter of a few rows of single, then a few rows of double. it didnt look right. is that becuase i started the double stitch row wrong?

  12. This is really clear and informative. It is so much better than trying to read instructions in a book like I was doing. Thank you.

  13. No, you don’t have to use a worsted weight but the smaller yarn you use the bigger your gaps will be between stitches.

  14. Do I have to use worsted weight yarn?
    Because I’m using light/sports yarn and I seem to be doing it wrong; since there’s huge gaps between each double stitch.

  15. oh my gosh
    thank you so much
    Ive look at other crochting videos on youtube but yours are the only ones i actually understand = ]

  16. This is an absolutely fabulous art form. It is a very relaxing hobby that has such beautiful out comes

  17. i love the video, but is there away u can put a video up for the bottom bikini part, and written instructions to it? that will be great if u can.

  18. Thanks for this tutorial. I just came up with a bikini top using a flower motif in the center (like one of those pasties) and use this as the rest of the top. I know it’s hard to picture but maybe I’ll have a video of it soon. Take care.

  19. I admire you so much….thank you alot ! By the way, i would like to learn how to crochet a short skirt for winter. Hope that you will teach it one day ^_^…

  20. I love to watch your videos… just made my bikiny top and it is great OMG I am blessed to have you Teresa…. God Bless You and your family…………

  21. You are great teacher. Thank you so much for this video even though I am not really making this. Still appreciate your dedication so much!!!!

  22. @ogabychita You are working three single crochet in the same stitch in three places on each round. This is how it gets the triangle shape.

  23. hey T if i may good morning .. you know you should have your masters in crocheting by now (smile) but you know my vid of the summer spring bikini top but in continuel rounds i did because it was so hard for me to get the triangle concept ya know sometimes in learning its all how you preceieve it anyway imma give it a shot again ! ttyl

  24. ok so you showed us how to make the top, but what about the bottom??? i would love to know. so please put a tutorial on how to make a bottom for the bikini. =) thanks a bunch.

  25. hi theresa, thanks for sharing! is there anyway that u can post how to crochet bikini buttoms plz? thanks.

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