Crochet Triangle-Star

Single Crochet Triangle Instructions and picture instructions on my CROCHET BLOG. Crochet Blog

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25 thoughts on “Crochet Triangle-Star”

  1. Thank u so much am going to do this for d back of a blouse when I finish with this i will post it thanks for posting.

  2. I used this pattern to make a doll sized bikini top, and reversed the sequence to make a matching bikini bottom. Thank you so much for the easy-to-follow videos!

  3. Teressa, you are an amazing artist and a wonderful teacher, i feel as I owe you my sanity, i tried in the past to learn this art, but failed miserably with frustration… i have had so much racing through mind and needed a healthy outlet… this is perfect for me and my health… its amazing how this art frees my mind and also have had memories come back from my childhood that needed to be addressed, so just wow – just wow… so just really thank you so much..
    peace and love

  4. @BohemianThings sorry for a late reply, if you already have help on your question then neva mind lol, but i would go aroung like a granny square but its a triangle and then when you get to a corner, do 3 double crochets a the same corner:)

  5. @CindyRobertson123 I have never made a shawl but the increase on the sides will be the same until you get the size that you are looking for.

  6. Oh I hope you can help me. I was wondering if this could be used to do a shawl. On a larger scale though.. If so any tips? Thanks so much for your wonderful tuts..they are so helpful. Cindy

  7. WOW! you are amazing. i have watched your videos. they are amazing. i love them. i have watched like 50 and they are good. Thanks so much 😀

  8. Oh the expensive books & complicated abbreviations- I’m learning more through watching 3-4 of your videos than I have in a whole year of trying to read/figure all that out… Extra bonus- As I’m learning I’m picking up the abbreviations, and I will learn to read those written instructions, too- but SEEING it all first is REALLY helping… THANK YOU!!!!! C: <3

  9. I found this so handy a couple weeks ago when I made halloween bags. I made two that looked like pumpkins for a girl I work with who has two little ones. Triangles were exactly want I need for the eyes. Thank you.

  10. Hi Teresa. I hv crocheted a lot of bags for my family and friends over the last 5 yrs. Also hv started taking orders!! I am now interested in christmas stuff!! More so the christmas tree skirt. Which site of urs do I go to learn that? I hv seen the holly which is so beautiful and so easy, already made it, also while doing it I got some new ideas on it and tried to make some diff decorations!! Ur videos are a great inspiration.

  11. Thank you. It is great that it turned out for you. If you ever crochet animal figures in the future, this triangle may come in handy as an ear. There are a lot of ways this triangle could be used.

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