Crochet So Fine: Exquisite Designs with Fine Yarns

Crochet So Fine: Exquisite Designs with Fine Yarns

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Kristin Omdahl’s Crochet So Fine takes crocheted clothing from fussy to fashionable! By working with thinner yarns and more flexible stitches, crocheters can produce garments that are stylish and comfortable, figure-flattering without being form-fitting and great for layering. And just because the yarn is thin doesn’t mean crocheters need to use the smallest of hooks, fine crochet can be quick and easy, too.

Crocheters begin by exploring techniques specific to crocheting with fine yarns:

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5 thoughts on “Crochet So Fine: Exquisite Designs with Fine Yarns”

  1. Review by Sharon Cheek for Crochet So Fine: Exquisite Designs with Fine Yarns
    The designs in this book are great, no question about that; the instructions leave something to be desired as do the charts. The written instructions , in an attempt to be clear, use far too many words to explain everything, thus becoming cumbersome. The written instructions, at least in one case, do not match the charted design. The charts for some of the designs are very small and in at least one instance, do not show the complete design. Do not recommend this for a novice or inexperienced crocheter.

  2. Review by Noel Grabow for Crochet So Fine: Exquisite Designs with Fine Yarns
    I don’t agree with other reviewers who feel the designs are outdated and unflattering. I do agree it is not a book for beginners, but you do not need years of experience, either. If you are very new to crochet and not familiar with different stitches like double and half-double, it may be frustrating to have to look these up often – once you are familiar, this book is a fun challenge. I gave this book 4 stars due to the typs which cause confusion with the directions. Maybe the editor doesn’t know about crochet? Either way, inconsistent directions are annoying, but common sense (symmetrical pattern, asymmetrical directions must be wrong) can overcome this flaw. I am willing to look past it and I love nearly every project in the book.

    Not everyone has the same taste, but the garments represented in this book are, by the nature of construction from thin yarn and varied size options in the directions, able to be made as loose or form-fitting as one wants. The items feature mainly simple lines and fitting based on the article being stretchy. As far as the projects being outdated, I disagree. Lace is being represented in a lot of fashion from runways to your local Target. I have always enjoyed clothes with this type of flair and am glad to have a whole book of patterns as chunky garments worked in worsted or heavier yarn have no appeal to me.

    I have only been crocheting 6 months, and had a little confusion with the directions, as well as some typos. I say, read the directions, check the chart, and be consistent. Common sense can tell you not to make only one of the patterns you have been working in a row even if the directions have the wrong numbers. The charts are helpful where the directions are confusing, and there are many closeup pictures as well. I enjoy making an item that makes me think rather than repeating the same exact stitch for hundreds of rows. So far, Crochet So Fine is satisfying my desire to be challenged by more difficult patterns, and make beautiful garments that I will enjoy wearing often.

    I don’t like the hats, but I have never liked hats in general. I will try to use the stitch patterns and techniques on something else, though.

  3. Review by A reader for Crochet So Fine: Exquisite Designs with Fine Yarns
    “Crochet So Fine” is much like a fashion magazine: the garments are interesting, creative, and beautifully photographed. And, as in any magazine or catalog, not every garment will appeal to everyone–and that’s okay! Because Kristin Omdahl presents such a wide variety of styles in the 21 projects, there is much to like, no matter what your taste. Fitted cardigans, flowing shawls, some hats…whichever project(s) you choose, you will find Kristin’s detailed, helpful instructions to guide you.

    The Petals Wrap Cardigan featured on the cover really got my attention. I love the way Kristin incorporates the motifs into this openwork sweater. Detailed row by row instructions are supplemented by charts. As a designer myself, I know that it’s challenging just to figure out what software to use to create charts. Many people find the visuals helpful, and Kristin is an expert at preparing them. I can’t wait to make this and wear it!

    I also like the way Kristin incorporates less-well-known techniques like broomstick lace and hairpin lace into her designs. She gives crocheters good reasons to learn something new.

    Large expanses of double crochet stitches strike me as “been there, done that.” (I think that look is what knitters often react negatively to, and I can’t say I blame them.) While I appreciate the creativity of the hem, cuffs, side gussets, and sleeve attachment technique in the Cascade Pullover Tunic, I’m not drawn to the body of the sweater or the bib additions. In contrast, Pearl’s Cardigan uses double crochet stitches in a fresh way that looks fun to make and wear.

    Some of the more dramatic projects, like the Orchid Circular Shawl, are not for everyday wear–but what a great choice for a special occasion. I can picture a row of bridesmaids all wearing Orchid shawls. Wow!

    I recommend this book to intermediate and experienced crocheters who are looking for interesting, well-explained projects that they will get many compliments on!

  4. Review by K. Platt for Crochet So Fine: Exquisite Designs with Fine Yarns
    I could say Wow and leave it at that, or I could say double wow. This book is So Fine in so many ways – fine yarns, fine design. It really is what is claims – modern and fashionable crochet. Kristen is magic with a crochet hook. I want to make and wear nearly all of these patterns. I’ve never seen crochet look so good. It’s one of the best books I have seen this year. I’m not sure my crochet skills are hot enough to handle this – I have never actually made a garment – so I am going to kick off with one of the many scarves and then a hat and build up my confidence to tackle one of the designs like the one on the front cover. It’s official I like every patten in this book and would recommend it to everyone. You might have to substitute yarns for the UK. Instructions look clear and the photography is very good. This review first appeared on Karen Platt’s book review website.

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