25 thoughts on “Crochet Granny Square Part 2”

  1. i have been trying to make a blanket but i still can’t get it. help!!!!!!!!!!! all i get is a donut.):p

  2. @1blessed12 You can do either a chain 1 or 2. You will see later on if you have to many chains, the corners will point out further than the rest of the square. That would be an indication that you would need to use less chains in the corner. Usually it works even with the chain 1 or 2. Both will work.

  3. Thank you for your video in slow motion. I know how to make the granny square but have some issues with correctly changing colors. Also, does it matter if you chain one or chain two between stitches prior to the corners?

  4. i have a circle and i dont have the holes you do what am i doing wrong?and i finally figured it out i think

  5. Please could you tell me if you know how to make slippers out of the granny square pattern,I just love those slippers,thanks.

  6. Keep practicing and you will get it. I do have written instructions posted on my crochet blog with a symbol diagram of the stitch placement. That will give you a visual of where the stitches go and may help you see what you are missing.

  7. i have been trying to learn this for hours lol… hopefully i will get it soon, but nomatter what i do, i always end up with a lopsided square-ish sort of figure. its never a nice pretty square like you have there… hmm

  8. Thanks to you I will be making my FIRST EVER GRANNY SQUARE BLANKET!!! ^_^ I can’t begin to thank you enough for making this video and taking into consideration how fumble-fingered some of us are when learning! The speed of the teaching was PERFECT. Thank you!!! 5 stars!!! ^_^

  9. I’d Like To Start Off Saying, I Love You Too!!! I Have Been Trying And Trying To Make My Kids Each Their Own Blanket And Every Time I Thought I Was Getting It Right At The End It Was Always Wrong. I Almost Gave Up On It All Together And Tonight I Watched About 6 Videos And Went To Many Different Sites And Couldn’t Get It Until I Came Across Yours. Thank You So Much!

  10. I just want to say THANK YOU!!! I was struggling w/this & I looked at other videos and yours was easy to follow and now I have it down, thank again 🙂

  11. I thought the link was posted. I apologize about that. I have included the link to the written instructions to the right of the video under “More Info”.

  12. i tried watching video and still cant get the hang of it I want to make 1 large varigated granny square is there anyway to get a written version

  13. I found your video and i made my first ever granny square like on the video of course.. 😀 thanks alot, will keep working at it

  14. As long as you have Internet, there are a lot of free patterns online written with American crochet language.

  15. I appreciate the comment, thank you. The stitches you were taught are probably correct for the country you live in. What you need to keep in mind is that you have learned American crochet. If you purchase patterns in your country, they will not make any sense to you because the stitches were taught different. When I come across a British English pattern, the stitches are written different so I would have to translate the stitches to figure out what they mean.

  16. Hi there, first I have to say “I LOVE YOU”…I attended 2 crochet classes and at the end of them hadn’t produced a thing. I discovered I had been told a dc was a tr and the handwrittne pattern I was given was incorrect. I watch 2 of your videos and voila! Thank you so much for the fantastic vids. The slow motion thing is great and the camera angle superb. I hope there are more of these available. If it hadn’t been for your vids I would have chucked it in.

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