25 thoughts on “Crochet Blue Star Service Flag Tapestry”

  1. THANK TOU!!! Finally a teacher that doesn’t rush,has slow motion, a good camera so we can see. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I got some graph paper and put in the the name Lauren, and I am making it now because of you! Thank you SOOOOOOO much!!!

  2. Hi Teresa!!! I learnt a technique to change colors without seeing the tails on both sides!!! Wanna learn it??

  3. Hi Teresa!!! I learnt a technique of changing colors without seeing the tails from both sides!!! Wanna learn it???

  4. Thank you for commenting.

    I flipped this one sideways because I found that the rows are a little bit shorter on the height than the width. I flipped this one because I was willing to sacrifice the height. I did not flip the Obama piece sideways.

  5. Is there a reason for you flipping it sideways when you first begun? I am new at this and am going to try and put names in the middle of a afghan using this process. Is this also the process you used to do the obama tapesty? I have subscribed to you for a long time now and I really appreciate your videos. You make it look like any of us can do this.I will start designing the middle of my afghan soon and hope I can make it look at least “decent” Thanks so much for your teachings!!!!

  6. Hi teresa. Please please reply. I really need to know somthing. Is there any type of sight that you can go to and make ur own charts? Thanks

  7. HI teresa i dont speak english Im mexican but I like what you do can you crochet a blouse? please and than you you are the best

  8. What program is that i want to make the chart out a az cardinals but i can find a big enough chart thier all to small?

  9. Awesome tutorial! Hands down the BEST on YouTube for crocheting! All of your vids are simple to follow, perfect camera angles and always in FOCUS!! Thanks for sharing-can’t wait to try out the tapestry method!! Thanks .

  10. Thank you very much for showing me how to do the tapestry …what i found was easy was to laminate the pattern and use the grease pencile..wipe it clean and it is easy to use again and again 🙂

  11. oh thank you for the software name 🙂 but if possible i would love to see disney characters or more animals please thank you soo much for replying your a big help 😀

  12. Yes it is very safe. I purchased it online. It is filet crochet software. I can also use it to make charts. What type of charts would you like to see?

  13. what kind of software??? is it safe??? thank you for replying and yeah i been to your site i love it its just i want more lol

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