Bead Crochet

Bead Crochet

Hello all crafty people,

So you are bored with regular crochet and want to add some zing to your craft? Have you tried bead crochet? It’s the logical step with limitless options. Bead crochet gives you the opportunity to combine two crafts – crochet and beading. With bead crochet, you can experiment with the numerous gorgeous beads available and include them in your exquisite crocheted creations.

Seed beads go great with party bags, as trimmings, in laces, handkerchief borders, scarves and tassels. Make seed bead ropes to be used as handles in bags. I saw instructions for making seed bead ropes at

String beads in the crochet yarn before starting the pattern and use them randomly or in specific order to add bling to whatever it is you plan to crochet. When stringing beads in the yarn, take care of your posture. Try using big beads and avoid the super tiny seed beads if you have eye problems. String the beads in broad daylight or an appropriately lit room.

Beads are great to make intricately designed patterns such as

Bigger beads can be used in bag handles to add an interesting element in otherwise simple looking bags. They can also be used as tassels in caplets, scarves, caps and shawls.

Guidelines, tips and tricks about crocheting with beads are given at:

Go through beading related frequently asked questions (FAQs) at

Links to bead crochet patterns are available at:

Beads and crochet can be used to make wire crochet jewelry. Some beautiful patterns are shown on:

You can even go wild making bead crochet animals with help from The site also has a video to help visitors learn the technique.

Those who feel comfortable learning from a book can go to and look at the beadwork how to book.

I guess you have enough material to keep you going. Happy beading.

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