Creating A Beautiful Crochet Quilt

Crocheting has been around for centuries. The exact origin of this art is not known and there are theories in almost every country in the world that they are the origin. In our own country, the immigrants brought it to this country. Every woman, including pioneer women crossing the plains was expected to know how to do this needlework. A crochet quilt for new born babies was always expected

Originally used to create such things as lace and other adornments it was soon found practical for clothing and bed coverings. For many years afghans were a favorite and many won ribbons at county fairs. They were especially appreciated for their practical use when someone was ill.

In the past few years making quilts of all kinds has become very popular. With perseverance it was found that very beautiful crochet quilts could be made with stars, circles and other patterns that resembled the ones made with regular material. Popular names such as Ducks in a Row, Nine Patch, Dresdin Plate and others have been crocheted and are in high demand.

Crocheting is easy to learn and there are many people available who would be happy to teach it. Senior centers and rest homes are excellent sources as these people are anxious to teach a craft in which they are an expert. This helps them by giving them something to look forward to and helps the learner find a, relaxing way to learn a new hobby.

In choosing the correct yarn, it is important that the correct kind be chosen. No one wants to do the work required to crochet a quilt and then have it not last very long because of a poor yarn choice. Worsted weight yarn seems to be the most popular type. It is important that instructions be kept regarding what needs to be done when it is necessary to clean the quilt so it is not ruined by incorrect cleaning.

As with machine made quilts, patterns are simply putting pieces together in a manner, which will achieve a certain design such as a star. With crocheting, this is accomplished by crocheting certain blocks and then putting them together with yarn and a tapestry needle. Some intricate blocks require working with one or more colored yarns in the construction of the blocks.

There is nothing more precious in a family than owning something that a long ago relative created with their own hands. Making a crochet quilt is one of these creations that will last for many, many years. It will be displayed as a family heirloom and enjoyed by all who view it.

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Take A Crochet Class And Learn A New Hobby

The art of crocheting has been around for a very long time. People began crocheting with their fingers long before hooks were available. The hobby was passed down from generation to generation and though it has gone in and out of favor, it is enjoying a renewed popularity in recent years. Take a crochet class to find out why it is still popular after so many generations.

Crocheting was popular for many years until the start of World War II. Worldwide shortages of materials caused people to give us the hobby temporarily. But, during the 1970s, popularity began to increase and has continued to this day. There are even some men who are learning how to crochet!

In most metropolitan areas, you can locate crochet classes. If you know nothing about crocheting, you would sign up for a basic class. Crochet 101 for beginners. You will learn how to select yarn, read a pattern, make something from a simple pattern, and other basic skills. You will learn the basics of Filet crochet which is crocheting in the traditional squares.

In more advanced classes you might make larger items like a pillow. You might learn some of the other crochet techniques as there are many different techniques. Delta crochet is one of the other techniques. This is different from the basic Filet crochet in that you crochet in triangles instead of squares.

What items can you crochet once you learn how to do it. You can make clothing, headbands, shawls, quilts, items for your baby and much more. The more techniques you learn the more items you can create. One reason the hobby remains popular is that the materials needed are inexpensive and easy to get.

Crochet is not just for old ladies! It is relaxing and can save you money by making items for less than you could buy them. It is also very beneficial to one;s manual dexterity and is know to be good for those that suffer from arthritis. Take a crochet class today and find out how rewarding this wonderful hobby can be.

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Some Crochet Lessons to Stitch By

Learning to start making your own garments in a pleasurable way is one of the best things that you can do in your entire life. And the best thing about that is you can feel proud every time you see your friends or relatives wear your masterpiece.

In the same way, crocheting is more than just stitches and yarns. It is, basically, a wonderful activity that almost everybody would love to engage in. Who would not? With all those “calming effect” and sense of fulfillment, learning crochet lessons is the ultimate way to hone your skill.

Contrary to most popular beliefs, learning crochet lessons is not that hard. In fact, in order to get you going, all you need is a good crochet hook, yarns, measuring tape, yarn needle, and some even pins.

The Yarn

Once the equipments are complete, the next thing you have to do is to learn how to hold the yarn.

For people who are absolutely newbie when it comes to sewing in general, holding a yarn could be tricky. Even if it only takes some time of getting used to, it is still important to know the proper way to hold it.

Here is how:

1. Hold the yarn in such a way that you will let it pass through your fingers. The sequence would be: little finger—beneath the ring finger—above the forefingers and the middle fingers.

2. You can also hold the yarn by looping the yarn in the region of the little finger, and allow it to cross the forefinger.

3. In holding the hook, it would be better to hold it the way you hold a spoon or a pencil. In this way, it would be easier for you to heave the yarn from your fingers down to your “loop in the hook.”

These are just the basics. Hence, one should always keep in mind that holding the yarn is actually a matter of partiality. So it would be better to always try your preferred position until you feel comfortable doing it.

Identifying the Size of Hook and Yarns

One of the most important crochet lessons that you must learn is on how to identify the right yarn and hook sizes.

Keep in mind that the sizes, whether it is for the hook or the yarn, pertains to the breadth and depth of the item. For instance, the dimension of the hook is specified using different letters. It can also be some numbers, while there are cases wherein hook’s size may use both the numbers and the letters.

In order for you to be able to identify which hook size is appropriate to use, always keep in mind that in crocheting, the higher the letter or number, it simply means that the hook size is getting thicker.

On the other hand, identifying the heaviness of the yarn is also the same as the thickness of the yarn. But unlike the hook size, the yarn size is indicated by a name.

Decreasing and Increasing

In learning crochet lessons, it is also important to learn how to decrease and increase the breadth and depth of the project or pattern.

If you want to decrease the width a project, deduct some stitches. This can be done by skipping a stitch in a row, and then stitch into the next. On the other hand, in order to increase the thickness, all you have to do is to insert more stitches in a row. This can be done by joining two stitches of the same row together in order to come up with a solo stitch on the next row prior to it.

Pattern Reading

It is extremely important for a crochet maker to learn how to read the abbreviations in the pattern. This involves a little time because you have to memorize all of the terms and abbreviations in the pattern.

Knowing them would simply facilitate your process and would make your work faster. It can be very time consuming if you keep on looking back at your guidelines just to know the meaning of a certain abbreviation.

The bottom line is that crochet lessons are significant things that every crochet maker should do. Incorporating them into your work would absolutely make your life making different crochets a lot better.