As a crochet expert, have you ever taught or practiced to teach or instruct a student over the phone?

How – to make a slip knot, chain, slip stitch, single crochet, half double, double or triple, or how to turn rows, or how to join rounds.

I have practiced to do this alot, but done this very little. Practice keep skills alert.

I am sure some of us live in areas where the interest is great, i am not in that area.

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4 thoughts on “As a crochet expert, have you ever taught or practiced to teach or instruct a student over the phone?”

  1. I had a friend once, she was practically alone in the world, and went by the nickname “Touchie”. Touchie needed help to make some slippers, sneaker slippers, and I called her up and “talked her” through it. That was a few years ago, Wanda, and it brought pleasant memories. She was a sweet old lady, and died about a year afterwards.

    Mostly, I “talk” people through patterns or methods via some Instant Messaging, and sometimes will even write up the pattern or instructions for them, like for Jackie, who was a leftie ( she was sweet and needed some extra help. It’s not easy being a lefty in a righty world! Me, I’m a lefty who crochets with my right hand.

    Sounds like you’re practing to become a certified instructor!! Me, I live in Puerto Rico where traditionally the thread/yarn art is crochet. I’ve seen people embroider, too, and some do plastic canvas, but not much of knitting.

    I am rambling here! Sorry, but I guess I got a little sentimental when I thought about Touchie, who was a brave woman who loved her family and wanted to make things for them. Thanks for “listening”!

    Now, back to business, when I do instruct someone via the phone or the web, I usually grab a yarn and a hook and go along doing the stitch with them, so that I’ll know exactly what they are supposed to be doing. I find that it helps me better to have the same work in my hand. Sometimes I even make diagrams (symbol crochet) of what the piece should look like.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Wow! I live in an area where i cannot seem to find anyone who crochets more than a scarf with just a single or double crochet. I would love to be able to have someone to call! I think you are providing a great service! whiel it may not be accessed a whole lot, it is still a wonderful resource. Have you considered a litlle advertising? How about a flyer at your local community college or talk to the local Home Ec teacher and let her know your services are available in case she knows someone. Maybe create a business card and drop off a couple with her. how about letting your local Home Extension offce know that you are providing this service. What about hanging a couple of business cards are your local library? Let the yarn shops know you are available as well as any fabric stores.

    Congratualtions on providing a wonderful service and resource for others!

  3. I have found it really difficult to draw pictures for someone over the phone. Most crochet booklets have basic instructions in them and if there’s a special stitch they include those instructions. The old reliable ones like the Reader’s Digest one, for needlework and crafts and which is much bigger, has all of the instructions for crochet (traditional and tunisian), knitting, etc. and includes some patterns. Better Homes and Gardens has a good guide too.

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