25 thoughts on “Art of Crochet by Teresa – Ribbed Crochet Beanie Cap Stocking Hat”

  1. I have made 2 of these, one in a GIGANTIC ( I had to use a size N hook!) brown wool yarn, another in almost the exact yarn used in this video. I’m currently working on another, again in almost the exact yarn used in this video. I think this may be my favorite stitch. It comes out looking so professional. I plan on making a scarf using this same stitch. Thank you so much for all your videos, I appreciate them so much!

  2. Help please. Mine doesn’t look like yours. I’m on the first row. Lol. I can’t figure out where the 2 loops is to go in is there a way to explain. Is it before the two chains
    Thanks. My son is waiting very patiently.

  3. this is way off the subject, but u r the best crochet teacher that i know, n now heres my plea for help, do u know how to crochet musical notes? oh please teach oh wise one!!1

  4. I’m wondering if it will make much of a difference if I start with the 5 single crochet, then 5 half double crochet, then the 25 double crochets instead of starting out with the 25 double crochets. It’s more comfortable for me and I can’t seem to get it to look right starting out with the doubles.
    Thanks for the videos, by the way, they’re great!

  5. Love this hat. Am making one to donate.

    FYI… The written instructions specifies using an “H” hook. In the video you specify using an “I” hook.

  6. I tried the basket weave cap and it fits me well. Thank you for your video. I really like this design but want to know if it would suit and fit for a man? Do we have any other designs that would fit them apart from the Large Size Beanie Cap? I’m trying to make one for my husband. Please help.

  7. thanks a bunch i was wondering about that, off to the store to get size 10 needle, i had size 24 and that was way to small ha

  8. Hi! Thanks sooo much for this idea! I made too of them! The first one became a bit small because I used a smaller size hook and thinner wool, but it’s great for a kid! The color is pink and brawn. I’ve decorated them with some flowers.
    Could you show us how to make one that protects the ears and you can tie it under your chin?
    Thanks again!

  9. @corinahillan I have a variety of sizes. The size is not marked on the needle so I do not know the size. Some of mine are a size 10, which will work.

  10. Very well done, clear, concise, easy to see and follow instructions. i feel like i could actually do this cap!!

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