9 thoughts on “Art of Crochet by Teresa – Embroidery Chain Stitch on Crochet”

  1. The first loop is made like the rest of them. The only difference is you just don’t have the previous loop to sew through.

  2. I learned this and a few more in high school and I forgot them all! Thanks so much for refeshing my memory!

  3. Hello, I just love all your video’s! You are awesome for taking the time to make all these for us! Thanks so much!! Hugs, Chrissy

  4. I love your work, and followed your video instruction to make small leaves for a doll’s hat using #8 perle cotton and a #8 hook. Your instructions are so easy to follow.
    I bought a doll’s crocheted dress with this chain emboidery in a perfectly straight line. It looks too perfect to be embroidery. Could you please do a video instruction on RAISED CROCHET? Its such a wonderful accent touch to an other wise plain dress.

  5. that’s great. I was actually doing the same thing but just using a crochet hook. I think it was called a raised crochet or similar to that. this seems much easier to deal with

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