14 thoughts on “Art of Crochet by Teresa – Crochet Shell Decrease”

  1. hi teresa can you please show me how to make a “shale” of crochet I’m beginer and I wanna make it not with solid stich tanks dear.

  2. I have a full tutorial for this same shell stitch. The other one is just in a different color. Watch the shell stitch tutorial and then watch this one. Maybe it will make more sense.

  3. i’m sorry but can you start this from the beginning? i still get confused on how to do this shell decrease. thanks!

  4. TO SexyNole07: I apologize to you. I accidently deleted your comment by mistake. You can incorporate the same type of decrease to other stitches. It can be a play it by ear with each individual stitch. If this tutorial does not work for a decrease, there will be an alternative that will work. I have a tutorial for double crochet decreases that might help you too. Crochet is flexible.

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