Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet

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Product Description
Get hooked into the quirky world of Amigurumi! Crochet these irresistibly cute creatures today’s coolest craze in crochet.

* Over 20 projects are super hip and super quick to make you need only basic crochet skills and small amounts of yarn
* Funky designs include mommy and baby owls, hedgehogs, and penguins, plus silly crocheted treats like cupcakes and ice-cream cones

* Find complete instructions for crocheting designs and adding facial fea… More >>

Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet

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5 thoughts on “Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet”

  1. These are very cute and easy to crochet. Like the other reviewer said many things are done using a single crochet . The author also has a etsy shop and blog so check those out if you want to see more of her style. What I wanted to know before I bought it was what patterns are included:

    Valentine Bears,Baby lion and his daddy, puppy and his daddy, baby monkey and her daddy, baby penguin and her mommy, baby owl and her mommy, baby hedgehog and her mommy, boy and girl elephants, baby octupus and her mommy, mr and mrs cactus, happy eggs, cafe con leche cup , cupcake , ice-cream cone, tiny ami that are: mouse ,bunny,cat,bear,turtle,and duck, also a little pear and a little apple with a worm.

    The toys are made with worsted weight yarn size g/6 ,f/5 ,or e/4 hooks.You will also need polyester fiberfill, a tapestry needle, felt and safety eyes or embroidery floss.

    I just got it and I have already made 3 bunny a duck and a little egg with a chick inside for easter gifts . They are all super cute don’t take much yarn to make and work up fast!!!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. This is the second of three books I purchased on amigurumi. To be honest, I bought it because the pictures on the front were so adorable that they put me on a hunt for the author on the internet. I found her blog, which is terrific, and then I bought her book. I’m glad I did, because this book is definitely for the beginning crocheter. There are no assumptions that the reader has any more than a rudimentary knowledge of crochet and the directions are very clear.

    The patterns are very simple and that’s the strength of this book, in my opinion. After making several toys from this book, I was able to make my own “freestyle” patterns. I adapted her hedgehog pattern, along with the donkey pattern from the Kyuuto book (another excellent resource) and made an amigurumi alpaca. Go figure.

    Although all of the patterns have the same basic look, this book, more than the others, has gotten me to experiment and create my own little beasts without written directions. That’s a huge step for a beginner at crochet and quite an accomplishment for an author. I highly recommend this book as the first book you purchase on amigurumi. It will give you a good start, use up your yarn stash, and move you towards creating your own designs.

    As mentioned already, the author has a lovely blog where she shares a few free patterns with her readers and shows off her latest creations. […]

    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. I own this book and also “Amigurumi: Super Happy Cute Crochet” by Elisabeth Doherty, and also “Kyuuto Japanese Crafts: Amugurumi”, so it is difficult for me not to compare this book to those. I happen to like this book the best out of the three, but there are aspects of the other books that are superior. In the Kyuuto Book there are very helpful illustrations for each pattern of how/where to attach all of the limbs. This book does not have those illustrations, so getting the exact limb placement is difficult. In the Amugurumi book by Elisabeth Doherty, she gives a color photograph of an actual size “universal gauge swatch” which is marvelous to have. The patterns in this book do not have a particular gauge, although the author does mention that her tension is quite tight, and how many stitches she gets per inch. However, although I know that gauge is not extrememly important for patterns like this, I like having gauge for all patterns that I do, or something like the universal gauge swatch that Elisabeth Doherty provides. Another thing that I like about Elisabeth Doherty’s book better than this book is that she provides the exact yarn that she uses for each pattern. This book will simply say “worsted weight yarn in orange”, but if you really like the color that is used in the book it would be helpful if she stated the exact brand and color of yarn used, maybe in a resource section at the end of the book. For example, in the Lion Pattern, I really like the shades of gold and orange that the author used, but I am having a difficult time locating them. If she stated the brand and color, I could easily locate these yarns on the internet. Out of the apx. 6 projects I have made (Mommy Owl, Mommy Penguin, Puppy, Happy Eggs, tiny ami duck/bear/rabbit, and Smiling Dessert cup) one pattern is incomplete, the “Cafe Con Leche Cup” from the “Smiling Desserts”; the pattern is only written to round 7, but from what I can tell by looking at the photograph there should be about 15 rounds total. But from my experience, I have yet to find a crochet book without any errors.

    Having said all of this though, this is a fantastic little book, and I only wish there were more projects to do! The projects are quick and easy, and very cute. My kids like to look through the book, and tell me what they want me to make, and in fact I am working on the Daddy Lion, and the Little Pear right now. Patterns included in this book are: Valentines Bears (boy and girl bears), baby lion and his daddy, puppy and his daddy, baby monkey and her daddy, baby penguin and her mommy, baby owl and her mommmy, baby hedgehog and her mommy, boy and girl elephants, baby octopus and her mommy, mr. and mrs. cactus, happy eggs, smiling desserts, tiny ami, little pear and little apple with worm.

    The author sells other patterns on etsy, I tried to contact her about patterns for house pets, such as guinea pigs, hamsters, hermit crabs, etc…I think these would be really fun to crochet because they could be crocheted to look like a child’s pet, but she never responded to me. Oh well! For any amigurumi crochet designers, or publishers out there, I think an amigurumi “pet” book would be a great idea!!!

    All in all, very well done! I am really looking forward to another book by this author, and will be the first to pre-order it when it becomes available!

    (As a side note, I acidentally clicked 4 stars, when I really meant 5, when I tried to come back in and edit this, Amazon would not let me. Sorry to the author…….I really think your book is a 5 star book!)

    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. This book is so wonderful! It’s so cute and quirky, I love all the great photos of the amigurumi, and the patterns are incredibly detailed. Not a single step is left out; I only learned to crochet a few months ago, but I’m already whizzing through many of these cute animals! They are so quick to make and they make such adorable gifts! This book would be a great addition to any new crocheters library who wants something quick, fun, and even funky to do! It gives you such a sense of accomplishment when you fully complete a little animal!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Amigurumi World is by far the best amigurumi book I have purchased/borrowed to date. The patterns consistently produce cute items, whereas I have gotten some awkward results from similar books. “Amigurumi World” is great for all levels. You will be churning out oodles of cute stuff in no time with this book. If you’re deciding between this book and another, look no further. This is the one you want.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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